Essay Sample on Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Published: 2023-01-21
Essay Sample on Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
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Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy treatment derives from various practices and theories of analytical psychoanalysis and psychology. It is a fundamental therapeutic process that is very significant to the patients. It is essential because it allows them to resolve and understand their difficulties and problems by creating better awareness of their inner being and how it impacts their past and present relationships and interactions (Aznar-Martinez et al., 2016). Notably, it is very different from other forms of therapies because it concentrates and tackles all profound rooted changes and effects of emotional development and emotional changes. This report aims at assessing the benefits, methods and also gives more in-depth insights into the provision of Couples psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Also, it will detail various claims by couples' psychoanalytic psychotherapy professionals in the selected article.

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Couples psychoanalytic psychotherapy has over the years been customized to specific parameters that enable the provision of therapy to couples instead of individuals. As perceived from the selected article, the central populations that are under consideration are the couples or the families. This is because therapy for couples has over the years evolved to a great extent. This is notable in the way there are several distinct divisions in the couples' treatment. These include experimentations in psychoanalytic, marriage counselling, family therapy incorporations, and the acts of integration, refinement, diversification, and extension (Aznar-Martinez et al., 2016). This is because the couples' therapy has experienced significant positive gain from current theories. Notably, the article narrates on how analysts have over the years applied the psychoanalytic psychotherapy to individuals because as opposed to the couples. This occurred because more significant portions of their patients look for therapy individually because of a problem that their partner is experiencing in their lives and relationships. In essence, the article considers treatment on couples that are in a relationship.

As detailed in the article, the primary intervention in the couples psychoanalytic psychotherapy included the acts of mobilizing the unconscious defences of each partner in the therapy provision sessions. Despite slow interventions by the therapist, progress is realized in the process and takes time to reflect in both partners (Aznar-Martinez et al., 2016). As noted in the article, during the interventions, the therapists make use of one partner's defences and anxiety to analyse the other partner in a back and forth method. During the intervention, the therapist primarily conducts the therapy following the slower partner to dictate the pace of treatment. Also, responses from the therapist depend on the reactions of the partners being treated. This form of intervention is not new, and it has been in use before for several years. It is a typical procedure that therapists implement on their patients during the couples' psychoanalytic psychotherapy. As seen in the article, the author claims that the therapeutic relationship is more complicated than most people may believe (Aznar-Martinez et al., 2016). The therapy is made complex because of various factors that therapists must be aware of to make the necessary efforts in the procedure. Moe so, the author states that the therapist must be mindful that there is a relationship between the partners, and it will always impact the interactions between them and the therapist.

From the study of the article, the outcomes derived include that the couples' psychoanalytic psychotherapy is a comprehensive procedure that requires professionalism. This is because the process is rather sensitive as it is a make or break process. Therefore, for my future practice, I believe this will be of great help as I treat my patients because it is the best way to deal with couples in therapy. More so, it ensures knowledge and particular skills in handling couples, and it is a sure way of analysing the patients and delivering the best psychoanalytic psychotherapy (Aznar-Martinez et al., 2016). The limitations of the study will not affect my implementation of the outcomes of the study. This is because the procedure is rather outright to implement on the couples and also, the skills and knowledge attained from the study of a couple will come in handy and make the couples' psychoanalytic psychotherapy manageable.


Aznar-Martinez, B., Perez-Testor, C., Davins, M., & Aramburu, I. (2016). Couple psychoanalytic psychotherapy as the treatment of choice: Indications, challenges, and benefits. Psychoanalytic Psychology, 33(1), 1-20. doi:10.1037/a0038503

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