Census/Race/Ethnicity - Free Essay Example

Published: 2023-08-08
Census/Race/Ethnicity - Free Essay Example
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The population of African Americans is approximately 13.4 percent of the total American population. The census bureau has defined African Americans as any American citizen whose origin is from any of the racial groups of Africa to form the African-American race (United States Census Bureau, 2020). Some of the mental disparities that this race faces include chronic conditions, preventive screening, mental health, and access to care. This race occupies some of the weak states in America and, therefore, has difficulty accessing proper healthcare. The most common health condition is obesity, due to their culture, which encourages excessive eating without mining the BMI, as opposed to the Western culture, which prefers slender bodies.

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Seven salient factors influence the perception of communication among African Americans. These include acceptance, expressiveness, cynical stereotyping, understating, authenticity, powerlessness, and goal attainment. In these, they have a more excellent perception of emotional intensity when rating expression as compared to others. This often is influenced by the racism that if active in some parts of the country. They are all skewed to the negative side, to indicate a suppressed communication to what they perceive in their superiors.

African Americans are greatly influenced by their cultural origins, which has an impact on time and space. They believe in communism and family, so they should live together and be there for each other. Time is essential, but it is not taken as seriously in observance as its white counterparts. They strongly believe the places they live in are not theirs ideally but rather for their white counterparts.

The social organization of African Americans has shifted from communal to individual since most of them began moving to the north and Midwest in search of jobs. However, initially, their social organization has been influenced by spirituality and majorly, Christianity. It has served to be the connecting factor with other races and the fore of cohesion. Females, and mostly older women and grandmothers, are the stability of most families. Therefore, it creates a matriarchal society, as it is even familiar for elderly females to take care of their siblings.

African Americans have a more robust perception of environmental risk than white Americans; however, they have little knowledge of how to deal with the issue. Due to this, most of them would channel their energy to economic problems since they can do very little concerning the environment. It is a secondary concern while they hold a high threat perception of air pollution. There is, therefore, very little physical and social activity aimed at combating harmful environmental influences.

Biological variation among African Americans indicated that the most common health conditions include obesity, HIV, cancer, and stroke. These conditions have been categorized this way as statistics suggest that they are the most significant cause of the majority of deaths among African Americans. It is influenced by culture, for example, obesity where they encourage family gatherings and food served in plenty, even as they practice at home. This is opposed to the Western preference for a slender body. This awareness would help nursing care to know how to handle patients well. It aids mostly in diagnosis so that any health complication reported can be diagnosed for these variations common among them before checking other activities. It would help to know how to moderate the culture for the better health of the people.


United States Census Bureau. (2020). Orange Ct; Race Ad Ethnic Origin. Retrieved from www.census.gov

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