Undergraduate Learning Profile in a Free Essay

Published: 2018-04-11
Undergraduate Learning Profile in a Free Essay
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Strategic Approach

From the stud skills inventory for student’s scores, my study approach is the strategic approach as I scored highest points in the strategic approach as compared to the deep approach and the surface approach. I am a focused learner who aims at achieving the highest marks possible in tests. I am, also good at time management as well as planning to help me in using my efforts effectively. I also know how to choose my study materials and prepare a conductive environment for my studies. I am also keen to details and can easily study patterns and understand what the assessors expect from the assignments as well as determine the perceive preferences of each teacher.

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• Your name and something about yourself:

My name is Kamaljeet Kaur. Based on my personality traits, realized that I am extroverted, agreeable, detailed and relaxed. I found that I like competition, easily get bored with routine and monotony. However, I am also surprised that I can work well under minimal supervision and pressure.

• The reason why you are studying nursing

My main reason why I am studying nursing is that nursing to me is like a calling, a passion, and chosen career path. I like taking care of sick people and giving them hopes when they are very sick and worried about their health. I believe empowering people even in their death bed and offering hope.

• One learning strength you possess which will be useful for your study this semester

The learning strength that I believe I possess and I can use this semester is time management. I am good in time management and if I use that well, I can cover the whole syllabus ahead of the teacher and prepare myself well for the examinations.

• One specific strategy you will put in place to help you learn better this semester

One strategy that I will put in place help me learn better is combining both conventional learning tools and technology. There are tons of resources online that can be accessed over the internet at little or no cost to supplement the available conventional books.

• Support or source of help you have in place (or in mind) if you need it this semester (for example your partner, the Learning Centre, the lecturer??).

The school has a digital library that would be instrumental in my learning. I also have access to lecturers with whom I can organize one- on-one session to help me understand and apply concepts learned in this course.

Write a paragraph (250 - 450 words) reflecting on your learning strengths and weaknesses and providing the three specific strategies you will put into place to improve your learning this semester.

My strengths include being good at time management. I know how to manage time through proper planning and executing my plans. I also have a good memory and can remember most of the concepts taught in class. I can also attribute my academic success to my curiosity because I am always curious which is what drives me to want to learn more. My main weaknesses include my love for social activities. I like socializing which consumes a lot of my time. I also like surfing the internet and spend a lot of time on Facebook another social networking sites.

There are many opportunities at school that I can take advantage of to my success in course work. For example, I have resources such as books at my disposal. I also have access to the digital library which can contribute significantly to my academic achievement. There are also some loving, caring and competent lecturers who are open to discussion and are helpful. There are many threats in school that is likely to affect my studies. These threats are, however, manageable if only I can prioritize and organize myself. For example, there is much time wasting activities such as betting and drinking which is a hindrance to college learning. There are also social events in the school throughout the semesters that are a threat to proper learning. These social events do not add value to my school life or academic. Never the less, there are some strategies that I need to integrate to enhance my learning capabilities this semester. For example, I will prioritize my activities from the most important to the least important. I would engage in learning activities more as they are sources of networking and learning which are inry6umentalt to my academic achievement. I would also teach myself new skills every day such as academic writing, scholarly referencing, using the internet to research, avoiding academic malpractices as well as doing exceptional research.

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