Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, Healthcare Essay Example

Published: 2022-03-09
Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, Healthcare Essay Example
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The program is designed to improve the quality of care of patients with varying cardiovascular diseases. With this, they can maintain a healthy lifestyle. Some of the program goals I would implement includes;

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Focused patient education

Group education will benefit both the caregiver and the patient making them understand the requirements of the program and how to increase the outcome of life. In case the patient has a different underlying condition that would require them to be seen by a physician privately this should be done only when necessary. This is because it reduces the amount of time wasted from one patient to the other. This focused education would also be done in medical camps whereby the patients don't come to the hospital for the same education reducing financial problems in the hospital of each visit.

Increase the rate of non-pharmacological treatments

Since the hospital is facing some financial difficulties, reducing the amount medications used by every patient will help save some amount of money to cater for those that urgently need it. Introducing the non-pharmacological treatment improves not only the life of the patient but also the financial problems of the hospital (Niebauer, 2017). The hospital quickly and cheaply acquires some of the non-pharmacological treatments and this will help keep the program running.

Reduce the number of inpatients

This should only be left to the patients whose conditions cannot be controlled from home. The hospital will benefit a lot from this whereby some of the bills set on the patients are reduced. When the in-patient number is reduced, the staff working in that department is also decreased because there is limited number of patients to take care off. The hospital financial problems are saved through this approach

Improvement in physical symptoms and normal lifestyle

This goal will enable the patients to improve early, and this will reduce the amount of time taken in inpatient department. Make the patient understand the importance of exercise which is a crucial thing in cardiac problems. If the cardiac activities are increased in the patient, there is a likelihood of reduced cases of complications. The hospital that is experiencing the financial difficulties will benefit a lot from this because the return rate of the patient for the treatment is reduced. When the patient lives a healthy lifestyle, some diseases including complications are conquered. This makes their visits to the hospital decreased and hence saving the hospital the risk of overcrowding and other small financial problems (Ehrman, & Paul, 2013).

Introduce use of National Health Insurance Funds (NHIF)

Patients who use NHIF help pay for their medications and other inpatient expenses that the hospital could not cater for hence solving it financial problems. When the funds are used, this means that the hospital will use only limited finances on the patients thus keeping the program running.

From my alternatives I would choose improvement in physical symptoms and normal lifestyle. This is because is a cheaper goal and available for all the patients


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