Essay Example on the Impacts of the Multisensory Illusion

Published: 2019-09-09
Essay Example on the Impacts of the Multisensory Illusion
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The paper talks about the impacts of the multisensory illusions that researchers and medics use to check on the perceptions that people have on themselves and on other people in society. It is through the illusions that are created by the illusions that help in modifying the image of the third person perspective and the relevance of the same in the society. The paper uses credible experiments and uses the illusions to test the effects of the elongation of the hands of various people and what people believe on themselves after the elongation of their hands. It is in this manner, that the author engages in the analysis of the effects of the illusions to the perceptions of different individuals and how the illusion on the elongation of the body parts changes the beliefs that different people have on their own body parts.

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The experiment seeks to change the perception of individuals from a first person to a third person perspectives and through such changes, there are realized various health benefits as it is believed that the ability of one to view self in third person perspective help the individual that have suffered stroke to regain their self-awareness (Preston & Newport, 2012). This article therefore proves that there is the relationship between the ownership of the fake body parts and the health standards of the society. It is in this case that the researcher encourages the use of the technology to prove the benefits of the same to ensure that there is the development in the of the health standards of the society. The experiment finally tested the ownership that the interviewees gave to the fake body parts and analyzed the effects of the ownership of the body parts.

A critical review of the key findings

From the studies that the researcher conducts, there have been realized key findings that can help in the improvement of the lives of the society. One of the findings form the study is that when people that have survived stroke look at themselves at the mirror or take part in the multisensory illusions, they have easy time to regain their memory (Fotopoulou et al.,, 2011). This then seeks to advice the medical professionals to take interest on the role of the multisensory illusions to improve the health conditions of the society. This serves as a basis for the treatment of stroke as it provides a basis for modifying the first person perception that people have on themselves and help changing perceptions of various people. The analysis of the data collected during the study also helps in the analysis of the various kinds of personalities in the society and the ease of the population to accept changes in the environment and in the society at large.

The study also found out that the illusions that were conducted did not meet affect the body schema and this was due to the fact that the internal body representations can be updated using the visual feedback from the non-mirror 3PP. Additionally, the study also submitted that despite the fact that there limited view of the body for self-recognition, there is the availability for the manipulation of being physically impossible. This means that there is a big difference between the viewing of a fake generic body for the perspective of a third person and the synchronous visuo-tactile stimulation. In this case, the visual-tactile stimulation does not update the representation of the body.

Significance of the paper

The paper proves to be of great importance to the modern society and the study has various benefits to the modern society. It is in this manner that there is the benefit that the article brings into the society in that it enables the society to put much focus on the perceptions and how ones perception affects the self-esteem of individuals. The population can then apply the use of self-esteem to improve on their self-esteem and help in reducing the psychological challenges that they experience in the modern society. The second advantage of the research is that it helps in encouraging the populations to engage in the challenging tasks and achieve their goals without regards to the degree of the challenges that they experience in the modern society. There is need for the society to ensure that they develop the goals and objectives in the society.

There is need for the society to appreciate the impacts that illusion can have on their lives. Illusions can lead to benefits or disadvantages depending on the personalities in the society. This is because there is there are personalities that have negative perspectives on the challenges while others view the challenges as the stepping stone to higher goals. Catherine and Roger therefore offers motivation to the society to enquire the impacts that illusions can have on their person and how they can help in tackling the challenges that people face in their daily living conditions. In this manner, the authors serve to improve the living conditions of the society.


Preston, C., & Newport, R. (2012). How long is your arm? Using multisensory illusions to modify body image from the third person perspective. Perception, 41(2), 247-249.

Fotopoulou, A., Jenkinson, P. M., Tsakiris, M., Haggard, P., Rudd, A., & Kopelman, M. D. (2011). Mirror-view reverses somatoparaphrenia: dissociation between first-and third-person perspectives on body ownership. Neuropsychologia, 49(14), 3946-3955.

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