Canton Officer Daniel Harless Resignation. Essay Example.

Published: 2019-07-17
Canton Officer Daniel Harless Resignation. Essay Example.
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A fifteen- year veteran Daniel Harless received a $40,000 from Canton City, retired officer ID and a neutral employment approval in exchange of his submission as part of the lawful settlement. Harless was forced to resign as he was found guilty of berating and threatening a motorist in the person of William Bartlett after he realized that the man had a permit to carry with him a concealed firearm. Canton fired him in the year 2012 after realizing that he had made the same threats during previous two traffic stops. Provision of a neutral employment for all employments in the future, providing only genuine facts on his employment. This settlement accredited that Daniel Harless approves to: resign in writing actively from the closure date on January 2012, drop all legal grievances and claims against Canton, not to seek any future employment with Canton, not to ever file any claims against Canton in the future.

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After putting Harless on paid leave, Canton city attempted to sue Bartlett for failing to inform the officers that he had a Concealed Handgun License (CHL). Nevertheless, the video evidence suggested otherwise. Bartlett was obligated to hire lawful counsel to protect him from the malicious hearing. Buckeye Firearms Foundation came into Bartlett assistance and donated a sum of $1000 for his legal protection, but Judge Stephen Belden of the municipal court finally threw out the case saying that the prosecution failed to prove the case. 31st of May 2012 Bartlett filled a complaint against the Canton PD, Harless, City of Canton and all other officers involved with abuse of his constitutional human rights. According to(United States, 1981) this complaint seeks to have parties found guilty of violating 42 USC 1983 (seizure and excessive force, failure to monitor/supervise/train, unlawful search, failure to discipline and investigate, unlawful arrest, battery and assault, failure to report or intervene false statement and false arrest, malicious prosecution and deliberate infliction of emotional trauma). Bartlett also seeks compensatory judgment on damages in an aggregate to be entirely determined in the hearing, not limited to but to include, medical expenses, emotional and physical compensation, attorney fees, impound and towing fees, prejudgment interest and other legal, equitable or relief. He also requests that Daniel Harless and his pattern Mark A. Diels have punitive damages as to be proven in hearing.

Comparison between an Honorable Officer and Officer Daniel Harless

Trautman, (2002) states that an honorable officer has honor in himself, his family and his professionalism. Honor is about respect, loyalty, honesty, having pride in your work and departments and integrity. Officer Daniel Harless lacks traits in himself by violating constructional human rights, and also he does not have pride in his professionalism; he carries out is duties reckless and does not care about the feelings of the people that he confronts. Officer Daniel Harless is not honesty in is a job as seen in this case he unlawful arrested Bartlett while he knew very well that the motorist had not committed a crime. Officer Harless does not respect other people; he threatens to kill an innocent motorist for no reason and uses abusive language. Harless also conducted an unlawful search on Bartlett vehicle and also threaten to tow is vehicle any time he saw it with or without a valid permit.


As far as laws give license for people to carry with themselves concealed firearms in the wickedest situations and in the worst conditions there will always be death waiting to occur. The judiciary also encourages people like Officer Daniel Harless to continue with their evil and reckless behaviors in their line of duties. Officers would continue to mishandle and arrest innocent citizens since they know the judiciary is protecting them even if the violated the constitutional. I believe no one is above the law, and so Harless should have been convicted so as to be an example to other officers of his type.


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