The Perfect Christmas Gift, Essay Example

Published: 2022-02-21
The Perfect Christmas Gift, Essay Example
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Most Filipinos have a high liking towards the Christmas season. Their love is indicated by the fact that one would hear Christmas music three months before December in most areas across the country. Filipino families will start setting up decorations within and around their homes immediately when the first BER month starts. BER months are the last four months of the year which start from September, as they usher in a Christmas feeling among the people. In fact, it is one feeling that is much cherished to the extent that one may wish another a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in the month of October.

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In the Philippines, schools and most places of work give students and employees a break of a week or two for celebrating Christmas and New Year. People would then take advantage of that time to gather as families and friends with a major aim if catching up and spending quality time together. Most family reunions are held during times of breakfast since most Filipinos are people who are family oriented. However, some families have found it difficult to celebrate the season with their loved ones, considering that many Filipinos have migrated abroad. That is a situation that I face, considering that I moved to Canada seven years ago for greener pastures, as that would make it easier to support my family. At first, getting money was a challenge, and as such, I was unable to go back home for the Christmas holidays. Fortunately for me, the last Christmas season proved to be one of the best, considering that I saved enough money and working hours at my place of work, thereby enabling me to travel home after seven years.

In the same way that it was before traveling to Canada, Christmas mornings at our house were often short. The reason is that we would have leftover food from the Christmas Eve dinner, as we would have the main meal later in the day. After breakfast, my five siblings and I put on clothes that were new and fancy for the sake of showing off to some of our cousins that we were going to meet later in the day. We then spent a two-hour ride by car to the house of our grandparents in Manila, where the family gathering would be. The day would be filled with the opening of presents from other relatives while playing a lot of parlour games and sharing moments of laughter together. The highlight would be taking part in a wonderful dinner as prepared by my aunts and uncles.

You may be wondering as to why I did not mention the opening of our gifts in our house during Christmas morning, as that is because we opened them during Christmas Eve. As long as I remember, after the dinner on Christmas Eve, we would not wait for the morning to open our Christmas gifts, most of which that had been lying under the Christmas tree for several weeks. Our parents always insisted on the fact that gifts are meant to be opened on the day of Christmas, and as such, my siblings and I would start opening our gifts immediately after midnight, the official day of Christmas.

Christmas has always made me reflect on some of the great things that happen year after year, and it is the season where I get a chance to forget about the things that worry me. Therefore, I always take time to relax and enjoy myself with the wonderful company of my entire family. This Christmas I was extremely grateful for getting the perfect gift, and that was being with my family.

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