Free Essay: Can Renewables Satisfy the World's Demand for Power?

Published: 2022-10-31
Free Essay: Can Renewables Satisfy the World's Demand for Power?
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The consumption of power worldwide has been increasing over the years and is anticipated to be twice over in the next twenty years. Mainly the demand for energy and consumption has been rising due to various reasons. The escalation in population and economic growth the notable primary reasons for the increase of energy consumption. In most cases, the amount of energy used in a state signifies the extent of development (Nakicenovic, Nebojsa &Jefferson 460). Many concerns have been raised regarding the non-renewable sources of power that might exhaust due to the high power demand. Therefore when the demand for energy goes up, the country is compelled to generate additional power from renewable sources to meet energy needs.

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Renewable sources will be the best alternative sources of power supply in the next twenty years. The main reason for renewable energy is that it is sustainable and can provide power infinitely without running out. The main sources of renewable energy are wind, biomass, water, and the sun. These power sources will efficiently supply the world with adequate power due to the following reasons.

Firstly, renewable sources of power are inexhaustible. Renewables are abundant naturally. For instance, the power from biomass is made from plants and some from animal remains which are readily available. Biomass gives rise to ethanol, biodiesel and even biogas and they are fuels that burn with ease. When biofuels are incorporated fully into the world energy system, the supply of power will be consistent and infinite. Also, power from the wind and the sun can never be unavailable as long as the right technologies are put in place to generate power from these natural sources.

Secondly, renewable energy stabilizes the price of energy. From renewable energy sources, countries can generate massive amounts of electricity that will help steady the costs of power. Initially, a renewable energy power plant requires the country to invest a lot of capital to start. However, after start-up, the plants then operate at very minimal costs which save much of the government's revenue (Nakicenovic, Nebojsa &Jefferson 460). As a result, the prices of renewable energy will be steady over time. In recent years, the costs of applying technology for renewable energy have been decreasing steadily.

In contrast, prices for fossil fuels vary and are susceptible to price instability. The average prices of installation and generation of renewable energy are anticipated to decline shortly. Therefore, renewable energy will be an efficient source of power globally shortly.

Moreover, renewable energy sources are reliable and resilient. In most cases, non-renewable sources like coal rely on water supply for cooling. As a result, in the event of water scarcity or heat waves, energy from non-renewable sources will be at risk. On the other hand, renewable energy sources like wind and solar do not rely on mediums like water for power generation. Renewable power plants can function dependably under conditions that fossil fuel plants cannot. Therefore, in the years to come renewable energy sources will be the best alternative worldwide for power supply.

The combatants in this war in American Pipeline Dispute

There have been several disputes affecting the American pipeline industry. Recently, several landowners in the Nebraska region proceeded to court in opposition of TransCanada's XL pipeline operation. The case did not succeed, and they had to go back to the drawing board. The Keystone XL pipeline project led to the dominance of TransCanada in gaining access to resources in other states. As a result, the Nebraskans took the issue to court. The project was rejected, and the company had to seek new means of obtaining oil and tar from Canada to the coastal areas of the United States. Disputes have continued to arise in the country including regions like Pennsylvania where the Atlantic Sunrise project is situated.

To deal with the battles different voices have been raised in support of the pipeline. Since the domestic market is being adequately served, the natural gas pipelines are being supported as infrastructure in America. However, the Atlantic Sunrise project has been ruled out by many people.

The Impacts of Rapid Energy Development

Energy development consists of the efforts which result in the production of conservative, different and renewable sources of energy and also reusing energy that is wasted energy development impacts on the economy and the community in the following ways.

Firstly, it results in more jobs. When production of energy is intensified, more opportunities arise and various individuals get employed. When people get jobs, they can earn income. Through income, the individuals can meet their needs by catering for their expenses. As a result, the living standards of the community are improved. The local economy is also improved when individuals can meet their needs and poverty is eradicated.

Secondly, energy development also leads to the growth of social amenities in the local communities. When more energy plants are introduced in the society, they result in the establishment of health centers, schools, and a better transportation system. As a result, the local communities have access to health care services which improves their lives. Also, the local children are taken to the introduced schools where they gain knowledge through education. The sanitary facilities are also improved in the local areas due to energy development.

Thirdly, energy development results in more investments in the local regions. Energy plants are established near community benefits the locals economically through investments. More investors are attracted to such areas for different business prospects. The investors are encouraged by the availability of infrastructure that results from the establishment of energy plants. Increase in investments means more job opportunities. Also, the production in local areas increases hence enhances the local economy.

Impacts of decreased oil prices

Firstly, when the oil prices are reduced, the cost of living of oil consumers is decreased significantly. The decrease in oil prices results in a reduction in transport costs and even production costs. When the costs spent on transport and other oil services go down, the cost of living of people goes down too. As a result, the expenses on oil decrease and such expenses are used on other products increasing the Gross National Product in a country. Secondly, oil price reduction also results in the balance of payments for importers. Lower oil costs result in reduced value of imports. As a result, the deficit accounts of countries importing oil reduce.

On the other hand, the same reduction in oil prices results in a decreased value of exports for oil supplying countries. As a result, such countries will experience fewer surpluses on foreign trade and therefore reduced oil prices impact negatively on oil sellers. Also, reduced oil prices will result in the deficit in government budget for exporters - the majority of the countries exporting oil fund the government expenditure through the tax revenue gained from oil production. Therefore, low oil prices result in reduced tax revenue and impacts negatively on the government's budget.

Energy Dominance

According to Donald Trump, America should be transformed into a dominant energy nation. In his attempt to break with Obama's era, he said that the energy dominance policy would enable the United States to supply the Asian and Eastern Europe markets with liquefied natural gas. Energy dominance refers to the situation in which a nation takes the supremacy for production and supply of coal, gas, and oil-related energy. In this case, America intends to increase its investment in modern technologies for energy, be the global energy supply leader and also guard itself against market swings.

The advantages of energy dominance

Firstly, there will be more tax revenue earned from exportation of oil. Being the dominant supplier of energy will mean that the exports of the country will increase. As a result, the nation will earn more incomes resulting from the tax revenue generated from more exports. Consequently, the government will have more revenue that will fund more projects in the country. Secondly, the economy of the nation will grow rapidly. Through the production of more energy for exportation and state consumption will result in more jobs for both the citizens and the immigrants in the country. As a result, the living standards of the employed individuals will improve (Nakicenovic, Nebojsa &Jefferson 460). Therefore such an individual will be able to meet more expenses and spend more on various products.

Consequently, the production in the country will rise resulting in an improved economic system. Moreover, through energy dominance, the nation will concentrate more on ensuring that energy supply is available and efficient. Many nations depending on imported oil will, therefore, have a reliable source of energy.

Disadvantages of energy dominance

Dominating as the main supplier of energy will mean that the United States will be involved in high productions and extraction of oil sources. As a result, the productions will have adverse effects on the environment and the inhabitants. The fuels lead to pollution of the environment through the emissions released from power plants. The emissions are in the form of gases and smoke that are harmful to the environment. When coal is burned during energy production, toxic components are released to the environment. Those components damage the respiratory system in people and cause acidic rain. Also, the emissions result in global warming in the long run.

Coal as a Source of Energy

Coal has been a source of energy for most nations. Most industries and production plants use coal for generation of electricity. However, it is a non-renewable source of energy, and therefore it cannot be regenerated when exhausted (Wojtowicz, Pels & Moulijn 60). Use of coal has resulted in environmental issues as it contributes to global warming.

Advantages of using coal

Firstly, coal is readily available and abundant. In countries like China, the United States, and Russia, the supply of coal is high and readily available. Therefore, it becomes a significant source of energy as those countries are also highly industrialized. For instance, there is approximately enough coal that has extracted in the United States to sustain power generation for over three hundred years to come. Therefore, fuel is readily available, and this gives the nation a reason to focus on catering to other expenditures. Secondly, coal contains a high load constituent. When countries use coal for fuel production, it can obtain a consistent power supply. Coal has a great load constituent and therefore produces massive amounts of power through burning.

Moreover, is convertible into several forms. Using coal for power generation is advantageous as it can be transformed into other states. Coal can be changed into liquid or gaseous form and remain a significant source of energy. Through conversion into forms like liquid, cleaner fuels are generated that minimizes byproducts of combustion including ash. Additionally, coal requires minimal capital investment. Most of the technologies designed for generating power are suitable for using coal. As a result, the amount of capital investment needed for new resources is minimized.

Disadvantages of using coal

Coal is a non-renewable source of energy. This means that the continued use of coal for power generation will at a point come to an end as coal will be exhausted eventually.

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