Education Essay Sample: Master's Program in Finance

Published: 2018-11-15
Education Essay Sample: Master's Program in Finance
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Educational institutions in Europe

My interest in the Master's program in Finance is a desire that I have had since I was in high school. I realized that I wanted the help in the development of the economy through working in international companies. The MSc in Finance is among the best programs that are offered by educational institutions in Europe. My interest is further enhanced by the fact that I want to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills that will help me in securing a job in an international company. I believe that my expertise will be of help in steering the companies to success. The delivery of the best service to the customers especially regarding finance is an aspect that I can do passionately. I am fluent in different languages and therefore, I can readily work in an international environment. Currently, I am doing my Bachelors degree in International Business. I had a Corporate Finance course which I enjoyed a lot, and it is one of the reasons that helped me to decide to specialize in Finance.

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Since I plan to work in an international company and offer my help in achieving excellence in the financial world, I would love to pursue an MSc program in Finance. During my internship, I would have changed my mind if my interest was not in pursuing this program. However, I found it very enjoyable as I did my internship at the headquarters of the bank. I handled the section of credit analysis and worked on loan applications. After acquiring the basics in Finance, I suppose that enrolling for MSc program in Finance will help me further my knowledge and accuracy in the financial sector. My future will be bright career wise through being enrolled in GGSB. I have plans to rework on the poor grade in Finance after making enough preparations for the GMAT test.

Relocating to a new environment as a culture shock

The transition that individuals experience after relocating to a new environment is what is termed as culture shock. Presumably, I did not get an easy time while I first moved to Paris for my studies in 2014. While culture shock involves several stages that initiate an individual into the community of the new environment, I experienced it within the first three months. However, I am bilingual in French. Additionally, the companies within which I worked as an intern are international. Due to the studies that was pursuing in the Grenoble Ecole de management or Grenoble Graduate school of Business in Paris, I had to interact with different people who hailed from varying cultural backgrounds. The school is very international, since there are many nationalities; both students and teachers who come from all over the world. I am good at learning and appreciating the cultures of others.

As I early said, I have a great interest in working within international environments. The interaction with other employees who were experienced in the banking sector was a boost for my confidence. I increased my comfortability and productivity in international environments through this venture. The interaction has further helped me to increase my linguistic ability by increasing the number of languages that I am fluent into four. I currently speak English, Spanish, French, and my native language Arabic. My international expertise in Finance has been enhanced by the continued interaction with people from different cultures. Cultural shock is a vital aspect of my whole career and in understanding the challenges that I face in pursuing the MSc program in Finance. Since cultural awareness and communication skills are perceived as the gate pass to overcoming culture shock, I can attest that I have successfully managed to achieve them. Therefore, I have confidence in working towards improving my proficiency and understanding of the discipline of Finance. In this case, I am thankful for the experience gained from the internship since it will be essential in my pursuing the MSC program in Finance.

Management as a major since

I believe in excellence, and this can only be evident through presenting one's scorecard both in academics and at one's place of work. I cannot manage to work on the two disciplines at the same time and pass. I am in dire need of a waiver so that I can work on the GMAT test for the French language that I am already enrolled for currently. Additionally, the waiver will give me room to take on my Finance GMAT test this summer if I am accepted. I strongly believe that the last result I managed to obtain was not a reflection of my performance. Evidently, the other rewards that I got during my internship in Hertz Corporation and Grenoble de Management are an indication of my performance. Since I want to seek for enough time to prepare for the test, I would request a waiver. In this way, I will have prepared enough to work on my GMAT test in Finance.

I currently have chosen Management as a major since it because if I have to do Finance as a major I have to move to another city campus. Additionally, moving to another city campus involves many administrative formalities. It is the only discipline that is being offered in this semester. Since this institution does not offer a possibility to offer Finance, I am compelled to work on the current course of management and prepare for the French TAGE MAGE test which is an equivalent of GMAT test in France. In order to make an assurance of my commitment to passing the GMAT test in Finance, I can attest that I a managed to perform very well in my Accounting and Economics exams. Having done my basics in Finance last year, I can admit that it was an enjoyable experience. I could love to repeat it by acquiring more skills and knowledge in this discipline at a much higher level of MSc program. During this semester, I have an international Finance course in my Management major. I am committed to getting a high grade in this course.

Accounting, Economics, Mathematics and Management

I managed to score good grades in all the disciplines, but I only was challenged in presenting pleasing grades in Finance. I am sure that I can rework on and post god grades. Finance is entirely about computations, and these concepts were prevalent in the discipline of Mathematics. I used to post good grades on this subject when I was in High School. In the Baccalaureate, I managed to post a good grade in Mathematics that gave me the gate pass to pursuing Bachelors degree in Science. In addition to the interest that I had in quantitative science, I managed to build a strong foundation in the scientific background which focuses on Mathematics. My understanding of the MSc Finance program is that it is one of the intense courses. Therefore, I started preparing for the program as early as during my Bachelor's degree program.

It is evident that all the disciplines that are related to Finance include Accounting, Economics, Mathematics and Management make the learning process for the MSc in Finance to be intense. Equipping oneself with the knowledge in these fields is crucial. Truly, I have posted good grades in all of these subjects that are related to Finance. Therefore, I am confident that allowing me to complete the Management major will be essential pursuing the MSc in Finance successfully. The quantitative knowledge that I am equipped will be vital in handling the intensity of the MSc program in Finance. It means that with enough time provided for me to complete the current course will be beneficial in meeting the expectations needed to enroll in this program. Apparently, I believe that my mistakes in the GMAT test in Finance will not be repeated and I will score good grades since I am confident in myself as my current campus Finance department has as well.

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