Free Essay: MBA and Leadership

Published: 2023-01-15
Free Essay: MBA and Leadership
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My MBA course content comprised various subjects such as accounting, finance, and marketing. Through these concepts, I captured some basic but essential skills required to run a business. I have also learned personal marketing and how to prioritize what is necessarily contrary to what I already know. The most crucial content regarded the principles and practices of leadership. The various leadership contents learned to include human resources, ethics, and organizational development. Furthermore, I also became coherent with leadership theories that are translatable to the practical models. From various other case studies, I was able to learn how to analyze various leadership challenges. I am already able to use my prior assessments to determine how my leadership style has changed. My ideal experience has led me to change and evolve as a leader.

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My leadership philosophy at the beginning of the course was based upon the observations, and various principles learned through studying strengths and weaknesses that impact the success of the leadership position. I understood that the best principles would lead to effective leadership that is accompanied by a rewarding life and appreciation by one's followers. This philosophy was based on general management principles. It has changed into being more specific in a way that it now factors in proficiency, knowing personal marines, keeping them informed, and training them and also setting an excellent example besides making sound decisions. My present leadership philosophy is driving the workplace environment and climate of my team. I understand that it applies to various companies regardless of the number of employees. To my team members, it is a promise of what they can expect from me, and what actions to expect in particular situations. I have been in less stressful and productive environments because of my well-defined leadership philosophy.

I previously never incorporated any principles or qualities of a good leader, being a first-time manager. The position led me to understand that excellent management and leadership is even much easier said than done. I made many errors in judgment, discovered more of them, and learned from the lessons offered. I gradually received feedback, acquired good habits, and found more opportunities to learn to be unique in doing various things. I made the necessary behavioral changes that led me to be transformed and shaped into an effective leader. The most challenging experiences in leadership included shattered dreams and failure. My first experience was coupled with failure, leading me into reviewing the things that I made wrong. However, the one shattered dream did not let me stop from striving for something better. I knew that being fearless and determined would lead me to become more courageous to face such challenges. I also idealized that leadership does not involve losing but winning and learning. This has led me to overcome obstacles easily and also to take various risks.

I one time I joined a multicultural leadership program to work on leadership skills but instead found myself discovering my strengths, weaknesses, and personality types, among others. Our submissions were to exclude qualifications but be more based on who we were. It was then that I learned to work with other diverse leaders from the meaning of my assessment results. Furthermore, there were interactive class sessions that focus more on leadership topics as well as reflection time. The combination consisting of learning and reflection led me to discover my abilities and qualities as a leader. My experience at the program also led to an understanding of the practices of a good leader.

I have changed in approximately all dimensions of leadership, including my approaches and perceptions of my team. I now diagnose specific opportunities and gaps in performance to come up with an inspiring vision. Furthermore, I encourage honest leadership conversations by my employees regarding issues drawing down the success of the business before seeking a feasible solution. This has created more understanding, commitment, and agreement to the various business ideas. The efforts have emphasized more on speed and efficiency at the cost of effectiveness than before. As a result, I have realized fast and efficient organizational activities. I could have discovered more about myself by reflecting on my past, realizing my power, silencing my inner critic, fighting for what I want, and assessing my relationships. I only knew that the power of self-discovery lay in individual reflections and actions and that it was not externally influenced.

The theories of contingency and behavior are those that have intrigued me the most. Through the contingency theories, I could well select the most suitable leadership style for a particular situation. I have also understood how to balance between understanding the needs of my followers, restocking the situation, and adjusting my behaviors. The behavioral theory has led me to focusing more on my actions and not my mental qualities and internal factors, which in turn affect my position as a leader. I can also better understand the cause and effects of the relationship between various human behaviors from leaders.

The other theories learned to include the "Great Man" Theories, trait theories, situational theories, participative theories, management theories, and relationship theories. These theories have led me to maximize my strengths and being an inclusive leader. I have successfully focused on having a strong will and decisive nature that have made me carry on until I overcome the various challenges during leadership. I am even more focused on other people during leadership regardless of the mode that may comprise feedback and delegation of responsibilities.

My MBA course has been useful in making me change and evolve as a leader. My leadership philosophy has changed with time and has been effectively shaped by the course where I have included more specific leadership principles. My experiences of leadership led me to make errors in judgment, and mistakes that caused failure and shattered dreams. However, they strengthened me in letting me overcome obstacles and take certain risks. My self-discoveries have led to my changes in terms of leadership. Furthermore, the various leadership theories have been drives to becoming an effective leader.

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