Essay Example Dedicated to McDonald's

Published: 2022-03-11
Essay Example Dedicated to McDonald's
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McDonald's ("We take care of all your fast-food needs" guarantee):

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McDonald's is a widely known fast-food restaurant that has grown over the years and continued to provide its satisfying services to potential customers. The company started as a small restaurant, but it has now established its branches in many countries around the world with the headquarters being set at Chicago as at 2018. Having operated for many years, the company has maintained a sustainable operation when it comes to the production of its goods and services to its customers. The company's products are distinct from what other competing firms are offering, the packaging and branding are also different with McDonald's being the trademark of the company.

McDonald's has ensured that the continuous good relations with its customers are sustained with its selling and marketing practices in the market. Ethics has remained the main course of action for both the management and the workers to keep as a good sign of relation to their trustworthy customers. Observing the ethical relationship between the stakeholders and all the people involved in McDonald's business is an arguable fact to help in establishing the future of the company.

Arguments for non-ethical values

Arguments for ethical values

With incompetent cooks around the restaurant, customers' population is reducing due to the mistreatment of the cooks. McDonald's cooks have been scrutinized through the systems of operation with regards to how they are supposed to serve the customers.

The inconsistency of the workers when it comes to marketing the products of the company is leading to high operational costs making it hard for a better prospective aspect of McDonald's. As a way of ensuring that the company enjoys the good relations it has established with its workers, McDonald's is ensuring that customers' needs are well-addressed for profitability.

Competing food companies have made the working environment hard for McDonald's workers by limiting how they reach out to the customers. McDonald's has made the surrounding environment more comfortable for its customers by allowing the customer-involvement in the running of the business operations.

Flexibility in interaction and socialization being a component of a successful business is missing as observed in the non-ethical values' guarantee situation. Workers from McDonald's can easily socialize with the surrounding community to understand the market demands from its consumers.

The management of the employees having issues when it comes to making decisions hinders the company's progression. McDonald's managers are prioritizing on a good relations mechanism with its employees to streamline the operations of the company in line with marketing.

Not meeting the regulatory, ethical standards and requirements set out by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food Drug Administration (FDA) is a definite closure of a business that deals with producing human foodstuffs. The advocates of McDonald's have taken it upon themselves to ensure that the company meets all the legal and regulatory ethical system requirements while operating within the jurisdiction of the country.

Obedience from the drivers is an essential sign that most companies are lacking in the market making it hard for a reasonable projection of the companies' images. At McDonald's, the drivers have to make sure that they properly address issues and concerns that they have with the management suppose the latter exists.

Immoral acts in business areas are contagious and deadly for a company; they make the customers look down upon the management and the company as a whole. Workers at McDonald's are often advised about keeping the relationships in the business area professional to save on the company's image before the consumers and the investors.

The investors have lost trust in the management systems of many companies due to the breach of these systems which are augmenting. To keep the investors closer, McDonald's is ensuring that all the company's operations are set open for customization.

Competing firms like KFC have a poor communication system which makes it hard to have a centralized mode of operation. McDonald's has stood to ensure that the communication system within the company remains functional for the realization of maximum sales' operation.


McDonald's needs to implement more strategies aiming towards broadly marketing their operations to its potential and existing customers to enable the company to stand out from its competitors. Good quality products attract more customers, but this should not only be the goal of McDonald's; rather the company needs to ensure that as much as it is trying to attract more customers, its internal environment is more effective in operating. An excellent marketing relation with competing firms enables the company to be able to get information about the latest developments in the market and at the world economic picture at large.

Any potentialities that the company might be able to utilize should be allowed within the system as long as McDonald's can ensure that the proper mechanisms are followed towards making the latter happen. Bad quality products put the marketing and selling mechanisms of the company in jeopardy as they are results of deaths among people who consume these products. The management should concentrate on how it relates to its employees as this serves as a financial source strategy for many investors of a company. How well the company adapts to the culture of the people from the surrounding community will determine the longevity of operations of the company.

Noted Key to Analysis-

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General Information-

McDonald's (Corporate history)


You are:

We are JLM Ethics Consultant, Inc.

Background: You have asked us to analyze the ethical relations at McDonald's to help the company establish the shortfalls that it might experience as a result of ethical and non-ethical values.

In the following table, the comments that the management and other stakeholders at McDonald's have provided with regards to how they view the ethical relations at the company. These comments will help in coming up with a decision to help the company improve its ethical system. Option A highlights the non-observation of ethical values while option B shows the proliferation of the ethical values within McDonald's.

Option A-Non-ethical values systemOption B - Ethical Values system

Drivers "We have had many issues with the customers when it comes to relations in the sense that many of them are uncooperative during the deliveries. This has also been a problem when it comes to dealing with suppliers." "We have a good time working at McDonald's based on how well we are treated. The management and other members of the staff are very friendly; they are more of a family to us while we are working with them."

Franchisees "We have to deal with a lot of legal issues appertaining to the relations that involve the stakeholders or anyone at McDonald's. Customers come complaining about how they have been mistreated within the company's premises. "In as much as there are strict regulations in the market limiting the company's operations, our department is set to look for a proper approach that allows the company to continue under its current system of operation that scrutinizes McDonald's workers' ethics."

Human Resources Managers "A lot of the company's dealings are derailed, and the company no longer has focused on its relationship with the community or even within its management and employees' relation system. It is essential to have a properly guided approach that aims at sustaining good consumer relations including better communication systems within the company." "If the company is willing to change the manner through which the diverse aspects of interpersonal relations within and outside the jurisdiction of the company, then the guarantee is good to go; but only if the demands and needs are met..."

Potential Outside Investors "Our money has been at a loss observing how unethical other people have stood out in the company. Cases of inflation have not been good news for the company." "Engaging in good business relations will make McDonald's a better place to be for all the willing participants around."

Staff Representative "The management has to be evaluated to ensure that the people involved in running the company have proper managerial skills." "The employees are willing to learn how well they need to interact with the managers at McDonald's."

Our Evaluation: The stakeholders have good opinions which upon effective mechanisms can lead to a better marketing strategy and approach for the company.

Our Reasoning: The drivers have to properly addressed for a better company image. The franchisees' involvement in the regulatory upkeep for McDonald's should not be taken for granted. The human resource managers should have an easy time working with the company. The potential outside investors requires a good communication system to operate within the jurisdiction of the company effectively. The staff representative needs to establish a proper connection between the management and the employees.

Our Bottom line: The company should reach out to all stakeholders involved in running the operations at McDonald's to make the company realize its set goals regarding ethical relations.

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