Campaign Speech - Essay Sample

Published: 2024-01-11
Campaign Speech - Essay Sample
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Lifting weights has become the trend nowadays (Pun). It is the most expressive way of staying sexy for a man (metaphor). As a member of this flexing walking bare-chested community (Smile). It is always a good idea to keep healthy and the best way to lift weights. Skinny men have chosen a way that we don't allow in our club, and these men have families that they are supposed to protect. Let's not forget those that are as fat as a pig (Personification); these can run like a snail (Emotional Proof). The USC needs a president who understands the power of staying in shape, with strong muscles that can make anyone tremble at the peak of their arms.

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The USC faces a lack of confidence due to small muscles, small chest, and men who cannot wear a vest for fear of tearing them with their fatty stomach (Smile). Membership is down because our current president Big Shark whom we thought had a muscular physique and strong arms, was seen without his jacket at the gym. Oh my, we must say he was as flat as a pancake (Idiom). We need younger members who can breathe new life into our club, and our average member is 55 years of age. We should say NO to unhealthy bodies and welcome muscular, masculine bodies.


Captain America is your hero. Who is there when you need to know how to flex your muscles (Rhetorical question)? Captain America is your hero; there is no better candidate for the president's seat than him; give him the seat and after a day or two see people flock to our club as sheep (Pun). With his muscles flex, we can lift the truck full of a hundred men (Smile). According to the CNN news (Ethical mode of proof), Captain America is the only medicine for skinny individuals and fat ones (Antithesis).


Picture a skinny or a fat person running on these streets like your leader; what a picture. Now imagine Captain America running on the roads and people cheering what a magnificent image. Imagine a universe where all young and older people could dance and sing for their physique (Parallel structure).


This is a sure deal; vote for Captain America for The Unlikely Superheroes' Club president. Let's say goodbye to skinny mages and fatty images by opening a new chapter of the masculine body like our club's motto. All that is required is to flex your muscles and walk confidently to the ballot; remember you can only vote once; flexing your muscles more than once can break your fibers (Metaphor). Voting begins in an hour; if you want a leader, vote for Captain America. Suppose you wish to elect a joker, vote "Small Shark" (Smile).

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