Essay Example on Problem: Motivation of Employees

Published: 2023-08-16
Essay Example on Problem: Motivation of Employees
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Every company has experienced challenges with its employees in one way or another, which is sometimes due to unfavorable working conditions. The human resources manager may sometimes not be in a position to precisely pinpoint the problem as unto why there is a go-slow within the employees. However, it is essential to engage in ways through which these employees can feel appreciated and motivated to work all-heartedly for the betterment of the organization. Several ways through which the employees feel motivated as fronted by different organizations and are as follows, creating an excellent workplace, rewarding the employees, having good communication between both levels, encouraging specialization, setting achievable goals, encouraging teamwork, et Citra.

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Excellent Working Environment

In most cases, employees get affected negatively when the working conditions are not looked into and enhanced by the management to meet the required standards. These conditions are always dependent on every organization's line of business. For instance, for a production company, the administration should ensure that the employees are provided with protective gear to protect them from any harm like injuries due to moving parts of the machine. Also, the management should ensure that the environment is clean to protect the employees from unnecessary infections that can arise due to contamination. When this happens, the employees feel valued, resulting in increased production.

Rewarding Employees

Employees can sometimes display tremendous performance in their areas of jurisdiction, which is worth noting by the management. The management can give several incentives to such employees. Gifts such as day-offs, enhanced salaries, and overtime can motivate employees. Such actions can further improve an organization's output because even the less performing ones will put more effort into receiving gifts such as the ones mentioned in this passage.

Good Communication

Excellent communication can enhance intrapersonal relationships in an organization hence leading to better service delivery. When all the employees have a chance to air their views freely, the management can learn one or two things in the organization that is ordinarily unknown to them. Moreover, when the management implements these ideas to improve service delivery, the employees feel appreciated, resulting in improved service delivery. Being able to communicate freely can immensely enhance the employees' productivity because the management can resolve some of the challenges they face in their daily lives. For example, giving advance when one is in need provides the employee with a piece of mind and focus the energy to increase production. To achieve this, there should be is a cordial relationship between the junior employees and management.

Setting Achievable Goals

The human resource manager can set goals that can be achieved by the employees if they put more effort and attaching the realization of these goals to better and or promotions. The act can motivate an employee to work hard to attain greater heights in an organization, and in the process, production improves. If the set standards are unrealistic, the employees can feel discouraged in the process and think like the management is merely using them for increased production with nothing in return, thus lowering the morale of these same employees.

Encouraging Teamwork

Some of the employees may not have the same experience as their colleagues. Therefore, The management should encourage teamwork so that the junior employees can learn from their senior counterparts to improve the company's performance. As this happens, the less experienced employees feel motivated and part of the organization. In most cases, this can make employees feel attracted to such an organization and have a long-lasting attachment.

The motivation of employees plays a vital role in ensuring that an organization realizes its goals and has a vibrant and dedicated team. Therefore, different organizations need to identify the diverse needs of their employees and work around them in coming up with better ways to motivate them to yield better performance in return.

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