Free Essay: Bush's Cooperation Between the Legislative and Executive Branches

Published: 2022-06-08
Free Essay: Bush's Cooperation Between the Legislative and Executive Branches
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George H. W. Bush had severed the relationship with Congress. During the reign of Bush, Congress had more Democrat members while Bush was a Republican. The differences between the two policies were the primary sources of the severed relationships. Upon becoming the president, Bush claimed that Congress had a role to play in perpetuating the budget deficit that was being witnessed within the economy.

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The differences in the views of Congress and Bush premised on foreign policy issues. The primary policy issues that were on the table included Noriega's rule in Panama, reduction in budget deficit and abortion. Tax reforms are another issue that led to strife amongst the parties to the conflict. Bush was of the opinion of cutting capital gains tax, against the proposals of the tax reform that had been instituted in 1986. Democrats had the view of maintaining the status quo regarding the tax reforms.

The power to declare war is an additional issue that led to the severed relationship between the two parties. Bush was for the view that, he could call his troops to the war being the Commander in chief but Congress was of the opinion that Bush had to seek congressional powers. Therefore, the bad relationship was a result of checks that each party had on each other.

The choice of wording that Bush in reverence to Congress, further, severed their relationship. For example, the reference to Congress members as people who bicker is a source of strain. Bush was of the opinion that debates had to be progressive and debating him was detrimental to relationships of arms of governments. However, in some incidences, the Congress often called Bus as being timid based on his leadership style.

Important Legislative Accomplishment

The Clean Air Act is one of the significant legislation that was passed during the reign of Bush. The law has the sole objective of reducing acid rain within the United States by requiring a business to reduce their level of emissions. Additionally, the law prompted business to eliminate the discharge of sculpture oxide from the environment. The signing of the oil pollution Act is additional legislation that is credited as being one of the significant milestones of Bush, despite being high handed in pushing for the legislation. The milestones are also evident in the vetoing of some bills that had been brought about by the Congress. Bush vetoed the Civil Rights Bill with the argument that such legislation could lead to the introduction of racial quotas. The incapability of Congress to override the decision by President Bush is an affirmation of the wise choice of the president. The role of the president is to protect the citizens from any tyranny that could be perpetuated by Congress.

The Americans with Disabilities Act 1990 is additional legislation that would enhance the rights of the disabled persons. According to the bill, the employers are required to have facilities within their places of work that would accommodate people with disability. Passing of the Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery, and Enforcement Act of 1989 that led to the institutors gaining a $50 billion package led to the rescue often financial sector. Liquidation of insolvent companies which was facilitated by the reforms also led to the economic prosperity of the country.

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