Essay Example on Video Games Ethics

Published: 2018-02-25
Essay Example on Video Games Ethics
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The list of ethical concerns by Leigh Alexander touch on some areas which include a restriction on developers not to produce games associated with sexuality or politics thus violating the rights of developers, women becoming the subject of harassment by the quick-growing video game industry. Next is the lack of legal framework to protect the copyright for small developers, publishers angry for video contents thus showing materials of promotion just as news. There is also exploitation of laborers through prolonged working hours as presenters of video productions, ethical violations along the supply chain of video game productions, others boldly accepting payments for video game adverts that are known as sponsored reviews. There is also the issue of unethical practice of hiring workers which do not value developers of video games at all. There is also the idea that developers of video games buying are using weapons from manufacturers which they use in three-dimensional design productions. This creates trouble regarding relationship between arms manufacturers and video game producers. Finally, the buyers of video games have no right to own what they buy to the extent of not able to play then later on (Garry, 2016).

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The ethical concerns as portrayed by Leigh can, therefore, be described as a problem and negative effects of information technology in the society due to technology misuse. The main problem that seems apparent in this case is the misuse of technology to infringe both the rights of other video game producers and consumers regarding violent video games. The large scale video game producers take advantage of legal loopholes to illegally exploit the small-scale video game producers. The employed workers in the area of production are also are also abused regarding their rights to work for the acceptable time limits. The entire discussion is all about answering the questions of moral philosophy and the sector of information communication technology on political, social and ethical norms of the society which all seem to be a compromise (Garry, 2016).

My kids should know that am their parent and I provide all necessary things they want in their life including food and clothing. Other kids outside their have no one to do this since their parents are either dead or miserable. They should understand that such kids have to provide for themselves, and the only way to do this is working in such harsh environment. The kids should know that their fellow kids have no one to depend on to and that is the reason their colleagues are being forced to work.


Garry Young. (2016). Ethics and Information Technology, Volume 17, Number 4, Page 311

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