Student Leadership Activities Essay Sample

Published: 2018-03-13
Student Leadership Activities Essay Sample
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Leadership activity for college students

Every employer looks for strong leadership potential and skills regardless of the industry. Student leadership does not only change their lives but also helps them to get a job that they can perform professionally. There are positive returns that are brought by the experience that has been got from student leadership including Knowledge and skills to be used in the career path.

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A job candidate who challenges the process with new ideas will be more valuable to the others. Most companies look for workers who can lead by an example and can satisfy customers in the most effective way.

A candidate with student leadership has experience and can understand better in leadership challenges. Through this they are able to make improvements in the place of work in their own capability. They are able to inspire their colleagues and keep their spirits high to help their teams accomplish their goals. Student leadership experience helps one to inspire a shared vision and push the team more to succeed. It enables one have good problem solving skills and can handle conflicts between any divided parties. They also develop good communication skills and can communicate to everyone in the organization in a good way without hurting anyone.

They tend to have confidence since they have the potential to empower their partners. They are voted in by their colleagues due to the abilities that they have in bringing change to the institutions. The experiences of gaining responsibility also is used in the place of work and have a positive effect to a wide range of people. They are able to perform in the places of work and make sure that all the tasks are completed. They also ensure that they are accountable for every action they take.

They are able to make negotiations in the places of work particularly in the projects that they are competing for interests. They are able to establish priorities and make compromises necessary. Having negotiation skills helps one in conflict resolution and maintaining the integrity of all projects that are being undertaken. Through this the team feels empowered and valued.

Someone who was once a student leader is able to network and interact with other people from the experience got from campus. Since they have been able to interact with the school administrators they extend the same to the place of work and find links that will be useful to the organization

The management skills that are gained while in campus become nature to them and help them in the place of work in accomplishing the daily tasks they are able to multitask and keep everything in balance. They are also able to improve their resume since employers recognize the responsibilities that thay had being a leader in the college. They tend to get more attention from the leadership of the organization. They are also recognized and become the face of a group that they represent in the place of work. They are able to discover new talents and there is the need for them to accomplish some tasks on their own which is an added advantage.

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