Free Essay - Building Strong Relationships

Published: 2023-08-13
Free Essay - Building Strong Relationships
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Human beings were created to be social creatures by establishing positive friendships and interactions. Hence healthy relationships result in mental peace and a positive ambiance while relating with other people. Relationships have different facets, such as attraction, relationship maintenance, conflict resolution, dealing with stress, communication, intimacy, and equality.

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Attraction begins when people start when people develop an interest in another individual. Research studies have shown that higher discernments of similarity link with improved levels of relationship quality (Fitness et al., 2007). People find a person attractive in various ways, such as behavior and physical appearance. Thus, this is the reason why individuals incline to find coworkers, friends, and neighbors more attractive. When people get positive remarks, they tend to boost their self-esteem.

Relationship Maintenance

Relationship maintenance refers to embracing the various behaviors and making it a corporate aspect to all the involved parties. The strategies, work, and ideas shared and collaborated should be executed to build a secure connection. According to Grace et al., (2018), the new maintenance topology comprised assurance, positivity, social networks, understanding, and self-disclosure. Maintenance behaviors aid in sustaining the desired characteristics of relationships, such as satisfaction and commitment. Close associations have a direct connection with the norms, beliefs, and symbols in a particular society. Thus, to maintain a relationship, it is essential to embrace a sufficient understanding of different cultural values and foundations.

Conflict Resolution

Conflicts occur due to insufficient knowledge regarding the various needs of an individual. The significance of resolution was echoed by Singh et al., (2016), who stated that the mismanagement of conflict could cause substantial detriment to any relationship. Solving conflicts effectively entails negotiation, security, and respect. These negotiations should involve opportunities for enhancement and can be deliberated as a learning process for individuals. Also, a healthy relationship exists when both parties possess an equal proportion of positive-to-negative results, thus establishing a balanced association.

Dealing with Stress

Stress influences mental and physical health and instills additional pressure on establishing a healthy relationship. Studies show that the capability to stay focused and relaxed in depression situations is a significant element of building positive connections (Ahmad & Nawaz, 2019). High emotional intelligence creates better interpersonal relationships with people. If an individual becomes emotionally overwhelmed under challenging situations, they end up having negative associations with people. The best method to quickly and consistently relieve stress is by using the five senses smell, taste, touch, sound, and sight. Practices such as mindfulness, exercise, deep breathing, and meditation can aid in relieving stress. Hence having the skill to focus firmly on a single performance without interference gets robust with practice helping a person apply it in various facets of life.


Communication is essential in establishing a healthy relationship. According to Kodish & Pettegrew (2008), the primarily interpersonal communication orientation enables a depository of conceptions and ideas that can strengthen the nature of relations. The interactions that individuals and partners participate in deliver essential information regarding the quality of their connections. When people engage in secure communication, they establish collaborations that enable them to meet their shared objectives.


Intimacy is substantial in maintaining a healthy social life. Relationship intimacy is the feeling of being emotionally connected and supported. Studies show that when people establish an intense intimacy, they can share an entire range of opinions, thoughts, and experiences (Fitness et al., 2007). Respecting other people's differences helps in creating robust relationships as individuals have the capability to feel the emotions of other persons. Intimacy is significant in one's life as they get to understand how other people think hence creating a more robust connection.


Equality is another facet of establishing a stronger relationship. Research shows that balance leads to the respect of a person's desires, ideas, and interests in a particular place. When people learn more about how to establish equality, they create a balance of power in their lives. Equality enables individuals to work through common goals hence building positive relationships.


In conclusion, building healthy relationships helps individuals engage in various activities such as conflict resolution and equality. A healthy relationship is when individuals establish a connection based on communication, maintenance, and intimacy.


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