Rhetorical Analysis Essay Example: The Novel Station Eleven by Emily St John Mandel

Published: 2019-11-28
Rhetorical Analysis Essay Example: The Novel Station Eleven by Emily St John Mandel
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Culture and art are important practices that are dynamic, participative, and forms part of human behavior. Art has the ability to cause reflection, create dialogue, generate empathy, and bring up new ideas and relationship. Art can bring a powerful way of sharing, shaping values, and expressing ideas. It is also good in building capabilities; understand how to come up with imagination and practice different ways of relating and belonging to it. It enables one to come up with meaningful and relevant things, and it is the basis of livelihoods, which are motivated by many things and not necessarily to make a profit.

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From the novel, Station Eleven, written by Emily St John Mandel, who was interested in the randomness of what is going to survive and that, which does not survive. However, she does not know whether anybody will ever see her work and benefit from it, but according to her, the important thing is in work and not whether other people will see it. The symphonys motto which is survival is insufficient she copied it from Star Trek: Voyager where she was watching an episode and became impressed by the line that survival is never sufficient (Mandel). She thinks that there is something about art that reminds people of humanity and can also tell people about how to be civilized, this became the message that is being passed by the novel and can help the readers a lot.

She thinks that interest in post-apocalyptic fiction novels is an expression of how someone feels and most thoughts are based on that the world is ending. That is, what people want to live according to the top most exciting parts of the story that is when the story has reached climax. This brings out a new desire where one thinks of being blown up, and then one has to start over again, which is not necessary. She also thinks that it is very impossible for one to come from nowhere and start a claim and start a new life immediately but it has to be a process. Someone may think of saving the entire world, but the most beneficial thing is to know what is going on since sometimes the world might become small quickly, and this may lead to the loose of focus and view that it was the whole world. Thus, it is good for people to remember that there is always the world and life to live despite the circumstances in which one is involved at that particular time.

In order to make this more useful, there is a need to understand deeply how art affects values and why it is valued. Values act as a guiding principle, share motivations, and the attitude one has as they act. This helps in improving the way someone views the world in general and our mind that help people to be creative. They are also the foundation on which a story to be told build. Art and culture can affect different aspects of our lives including community feeling, self acceptance and affiliation. However, other values are known to affect levels of social, ecological, not leaving behind personal values. This includes creativity, self -respect, equality, freedom and unity and nature.

Art can be thought as being abnormal and need a lot of creativity for it to be applied. Most arts are useless and bring a lot of confusion before coming to reality and being understood. However, during the Old Stone Age, art still existed, and many practices were carried as they will be discussed. The fire was the essential thing during this period and from it, people would make carvings, sculpting, and drawing which reduced the risk of developing dementia, which is a memory of thinking surviving problems. Participating in art has the impact that is more important than socializing or using a computer. Involvement in art, like drawing, sculpting and painting and crafts, which include pottery, woodworking, quilting, ceramics, sewing and quelling and social activities like how to use the Internet, attending theaters and socializing also influences ones perception.

Art can be practiced and was practiced by many people like Edger Degas where he would do prints that featured bold designs that were linear in nature, and an element of flatness that made them distinct from the traditional ones such as the Western picture and its perspective view. He also applied cropping and asymmetry. Other arts were practiced and include woodcarvings practicing by kitsch art and other Indian impressionists.

The novel flips through a man who dies on stage while acting and leaves people in suspense. The fiction novel does not deal mostly with apocalypse as it deals with the loss of memory, nostalgia, and yearning, but instead to deepens how people view the world and boost their expressions. She does not support the feeling that most people have that the world is running away. She believes in the saying that the new reality is hardest to bear for those old enough to remember how the world was before ("Station Eleven Review Emily St John Mandel's Gripping Apocalypse Drama | Books | The Guardian").

It is clear that she agrees with the important and its effects on human life that art in certain times is meant to draw the attention of the public from all the things that are referred to as helpful and more accurate during the time of desperation. According to this fiction novel Mandel is telling the audience that art has an imperative and great significance. This has been established and explained in the novel by making life worth living to those who have negative thoughts about it and how this can help them to improve and deal with every situation in a more clever way. She also tells people despite having a difficult time everybody is encouraged to hold on to what they like most and would like to be doing it. According to the novel and how it is structured what has been said is art and art only nothing else that can be included.

The most important part of the novel explains how the audience (people being addressed) of art as a work where being made by the characters and how performing was so crucial to the individuals to the extent that it makes surviving to become insufficient. In the different novel, instances have been mentioned which are as mentioned below where Miranda who seemed to work every day but the author has ignored his family. Also, Kristine who was known for his killings to outsiders and how this affected and lastly this enabled them to do the whole work, which they wanted to make. Different occasions on the novel have been mentioned where their performance gave them a reason and an exceptional feeling as if they were in a different world. Kristine proves a sense by acting as if she has been flown high and landed incomplete and her soul termed as pulling out of her chest, which becomes more interesting and attractive to the audience (Nunez). In addition, Miranda puts in decades to make the world of the fiction novel. This is a genuine conviction of faith and confidence in art as others in a different aspect of life by moving in its direction relentlessly.

This can be associated with people who live in town, expressing feelings, and eagerness to the zombies that the whole population is engaged in, bringing them out of the dead and telling them that there is more life to live, plan, and let everything be in order. In addition, it would assist the people to remember to live, renew them again and enables them to smile despite them being sad and unable to do anything. Acts as a reminder that apart from people surviving they can also live which is paramount. It also sends a message of life because it is what they had planned before; therefore, they cannot imagine how one can survive without living. Because according to them and how they view life-sustaining without living is good but it is also seen as insufficient. If one does not set out an opportunity to live then, there will be no importance of surviving, and this poses a very significant and excellent teaching to every person. What is the purpose of surviving without setting out an opportunity to live that life.

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