Free Essay Example. Build Up of America

Published: 2023-01-15
Free Essay Example. Build Up of America
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Martin Luther King Jr. is one of the well-known civil rights activists who had tremendous influences on American Society. Notably, Luther's strong belief in the non-violent type of protest assisted in establishing a movement that fought against racism. The boycotts, demonstrations, and marches proved tremendously effective. Various legislations were later passed to prevent or eradicate racism in American society.

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Luther's Role in American Society

  • Luther had a huge dream for American children. He envisioned a world where the children would not be judged by their skin color but through the content of their characters. Although he was severally attacked in public, King embraced a non-violent technique from the beginning to the end.
  • His objective was to transform the minds of people to enable them to have the same understanding. He fiercely ingrained the notion of non-violent protests into his followers' hearts and minds (Garrow, 2015).
  • King saw a social problem developed a dream and later took action whereby he changed the US in addition to the world. He is still remembered today as the most well-known social activists in the world.
  • Martin Luther King helped to stimulate the bus boycott in 1955 that further contributed by Rosa Parks.
  • He assisted create the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in 1957. This was a union that worked for civil rights.
  • King became the leader of the whole civil rights movement in the 1960s. The movements advocated for peaceful and kind responses to conflicts as opposed to the use of hatred and violence (Garrow, 2015).
  • He fought for equality among races when it comes to voting rights throughout the US. Both the blacks and Whites were able to enjoy and were subjected to the same regulations governed by the electoral systems.
  • King Jr. led lunch counter sit-ins programs they demanded the stop of segregation in social places such as restaurants for nearly all races. King's non-violent approach proved the globe that action without violence was even more useful. While other groups advocated for freedom and equality by any means necessary and which included the use of violence, Luther employed the power of words and acts of non-violent approaches as well as civil disobedient to achieve the goals that seemed impossible. In fact, he proceeded to lead other similar campaigns against poverty as well as international conflicts. This helped maintain the fidelity to his principles that people across the world, regardless of their race or colour belong to the members of the human family.


It is evident that King-led boycotts, protests, and marches proved tremendously useful. Numerous legislations were later passed to prevent or eradicate racism in American society. He succeeded in setting the standards for all the nations across the world to treat everyone equally regardless of their skin based on the work of Martin Luther King.


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