The Iliad Essay Example

Published: 2022-07-14
The Iliad Essay Example
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1. Agamemnon is willing to give up his prize, but what does he want in return?

Agamemnon wants to have Briseis in return for giving up his war prize. According to Agamemnon, the only other thing that is equal to a war price is another war price. In this case, he is willing it to give back, Chryseis, the priest daughter, if Achilles will give him his war price which is Briseis. Agamemnon argues that giving back Chryseis will leave him empty-handed while Achilles will still have his war price and the Plague will be lifted from the people (Robert & MacGregor 11). To Achilles, this is done to humiliate him before the soldiers.

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2. What does Achilles do with his troops after Agamemnon takes Briseis?

Achilles stops fighting alongside his troop. He retreats from the war because Agamemnon took his war price and humiliated him in front of other soldiers. When Briseis is taken away from him, he felt heartbroken and decided that the best way to punish Agamemnon is by not taking part in the war. He even encourages some of his troop members to stop fighting alongside the king.

3. What are the gods quick to do if a man obeys the gods?

The gods are quickly to hear the prayers of a man who obeys them. This was revealed by Athena who was send down by Hera. Athena gave this revelation to Achilles when she comes to warn him against raising his sword to Agamemnon. According to Athena "a more glittering gift will lie before you, three times over to pay for all his outrage." (Robert & MacGregor 13) Athena also pointed out that a man submits even at the time when his heart is breaking with fury. The revelation that the gods quickly hear the prayers of those who obey them calmed down Achilles, and he returned his sword.

4. To whom does great Zeus give glory?

Great Zeus gives glory to a sceptered king. The reason why Zeus honors kings is that they rule men (Robert & MacGregor 13). According to Nestor, it is pointless for a man regardless of their status to contend with their kings. Contenting with one's king will only attract misfortune to oneself from the gods. Challenging with one's king will also mean one's downfall because the king has more force on his side and can easily win battles.

5. Why is Zeus not on Mount Olympus?

Zeus is not at Mount Olympus because "he had gone off to the Ocean River to feast with the Aethiopians, loyal, lord men and all the gods went with him," (Robert & MacGregor 18).This was according to the words of Thetis to his child. When Achilles goes to ask for help from his mother, his mother reveals that Zeus was not at Mount Olympus, but she promised to go to Olympus after the king returns in 12days. She swore to go to the bronze floor, which was the royal house of Zeus and present the prayer of Achilles.

6. How does Hera react when she sees Zeus and Thetis talking?

Hera became inquisitive and taunted Zeus. She claims that Zeus is treacherous and that he derives pleasure from settling matters in a hidden way behind her back. She tries to coax him to share what they were talking with Thetis. Zeus replies by pointing out that his thoughts are too complex to be fathomed by Hera. He, however, let her know that he will inform her of what she is worth knowing and she should stop probing and prying. Hera keeps pushing Zeus to share what they were discussing, but this causes Zeus to be angry. "Now go sit down. Be quiet. Obey my orders," (Robert & MacGregor 22) He even threatens him that there is no fear of gods or number of Olympus that will save her when he decides to punish her, and this stops Hera from asking more questions.

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Fagles, Robert, and Bernard MacGregor Walker Knox, eds. The Iliad. Vol. 20. Penguin, 1991.

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