Essay Sample on the Body Weight Issues in the U.S. Today

Published: 2020-06-10
Essay Sample on the Body Weight Issues in the U.S. Today
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The two bodyweight matters facing America in contemporary society revolve around health concerns. Grounds to present such a case develop from the fact that Obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure are a dominant health concern for the American population. The set of health complications are evident in the American population given the increasing number of patients struggling to fight the diseases (Ciment, 2015). Notably, the main causes of such metabolic diseases are due to the unregulated eating habits and the general lifestyle of both the poor and the rich people.

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The said healthy issues qualify as public problems due to the fact that America records several numbers of patients suffering from the set of diseases. Secondly, the set of diseases require expensive medical programs for the patients treatment schemes. In light of such a realization, several American families spend excessively to treat the diseases (Ciment, 2015). Such a matter affects the economy of the American nation prompting various reviews on healthcare systems. Lastly, the devastating effects of the disease also claim several numbers of the American population. In light of such a matter, the American government spends billions of revenues to acquire medical facilities and improve available healthcare systems.

Causes of higher rates of urbanization in the developing world

The human population finds the rural areas as appropriate places of occupations dating from time in history. However, the developing world exhibits unique changes in this said pattern of existence. Grounds to support such an argument develop from the fact that many populations of the world move to cities where industrialization favors human existence. A good way to illustrate such a point is that many developing nations record very high numbers of urban residents compared to the underdeveloped countries (Spencer, 2014). Additionally, urbanization is speedily occurring in the developing countries.

A good way to explain the increasing rates of urbanization in the developing world is through viewing the existing forces that necessitate migration of people from different regions. Firstly, the increasing number of birth rates from the rural population is a factor of discussion. The emphasis of such a point is that high birth rates in the rural regions influence the need to move to urban areas (Spencer, 2014). On the same instance such a factor necessitates the need for increased infrastructure within the highly populated areas. In light of such a circumstance, different areas of the world develop at an alarming rate.

Another way to explain the increasing rate of urbanization is that physical, social and economic factors play a major role in this case. This statement may be justified in the sense that the said areas experience repeated natural calamities, increased unemployment rates and limited social amenities (Spencer, 2014). Such combined factors act as trigger forces that fuel urbanization in the developing world. A good way to justify such an argument is that the rural population move to urban areas in search of better opportunities and resources. Alternatively, the government of the different countries tries to improve the populated areas by financing rural developmental programs.

A conclusive way to present this discussion is that the recurrent societal issues create challenging circumstances that trigger development. Efforts by various governments target the immediate population in which case the public becomes the centre of focus.


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