Essay Sample on Library Floor Space Plan and Budget

Published: 2023-02-12
Essay Sample on Library Floor Space Plan and Budget
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As Steidham (232) points out even kids have an idea that a room should inspire people and change to layouts such as interior design, furniture installation, and incorporation of electronics is apparent.The design of the library floor space should be as simple as possible. The first priority is to enable functionality- which is the ability for students to access reading facilities easily.

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A high school library should be as familiar as public libraries. A budget of $ 85,000 should be enough, and an additional $5,000 should cover all the miscellaneous expenses. Additionally, a library should have the look of a quiet, solemn and almost sacred place. Interior design elements such as wallpapers and wooden floorboards should be present. There are also restricted areas in a library, such as librarians and other staff offices. They should similarly have the look of being out of bounds.

The floor space I found most appealing is Cambridge University's library plan. The fact that Cambridge uses the library floor plan is a big sell for me to convince the principal. The layout of the desks and corridors looks simple, but the idea is made to make it easy for students to access one shelf or hallway to another (Cambridge University). My plan involves revamping the shelves and reading spaces to be more personalized just like in Cambridge's floor plan.

For example, I would create 9 to 12 sections categorized according to the subject of study: Mathematics, English, Biology, Art and so on. The reading spaces should be enclosed by 6-foot high shelves arranged in a semi-circular or rectangular design. The furniture- chairs, lounges, and shelves would take about a third of the budget (about $30,000), either buying new furniture or restructuring the old ones with reputable carpenters.

Also, concerning interior design, smart wallpapers are great. High school students should be motivated by success. Hence, the wallpapers should have prominent and successful people such as Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, and others with quotes related to reading or studying. Psychologically, this would impact the students a lot- making them have the reading habits of the great people in the wallpapers staring at them (Dougherty, 2019).The wallpapers should be a stark contrast to the rest of the interiors- for example they could have black and white designs.

The wallpapers should not cost more than $10,000. A revamping of the electronic systems, especially the automated check-in and check-out system, along with new computers, electronic readers, and softwares such as the Kindle e-reader, might take up to half the budget ($40,000). The CCTV cameras should also be the latest- the technical staff should have an easy time making sure that they have the very best.

The Miscellaneous costs should be covered by the extra $5,000 set aside by the principal. Also, the money should be used only as an emergency resort.

The hallways of the library should have a sign, "Shhhh! Hard Mental Work in Progress." The installation of such signs should be easily covered by the Miscellaneous budget of $5,000.


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