Factors to Be Considered to Ensure Hospitals Meet the Six Aims of the IOM. Free Essay Example

Published: 2023-01-05
Factors to Be Considered to Ensure Hospitals Meet the Six Aims of the IOM. Free Essay Example
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IOM stands for Institute Of Medicine which it was created in 1970 as a company not to make profits to conduct research through evidence and give recommendations towards science and health science for the public (Thomas,2016). The purpose of this organization was to improve health care and teach nurses and give them the experience to contribute towards achieving the vision. Nurses attain higher education levels through the advanced education system to help in the betterment of health. There are six aims of IOM improvements. Equity, efficiency, patient-centeredness, effectiveness, safety, and timeliness. These factors are to be followed by nurses to make sure that there is an improvement in the services of healthcare given to patients and the masses (Thomas, 2016). The main purpose of IOM is to make sure the health care services become better and better.

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The safety domain means that the patient should be prevented from any harm that may come from the service or treatment given to them. Equity means that all patients should be given the same kind of service despite their ethnicity background, gender, color or any other factors that may fall into this category. Effectiveness domain means that nurse should give the scientific knowledge only to those that will benefit from them and leave those who won't, but doing this there will no wastage and energy will be directed to where its best deserved. Timely domain means everything should be done at the right to reduce keeping givers and receivers waiting because this can cause harm to either. The patient-centeredness also is known as patient-centered is giving services and treatments that the patients agree and are aware of and also to make sure they understand all the decisions that the nurses make about their health. Efficient domain helps the nurses to avoid wastage of either ideas, resources, time or their energy on unnecessary doings. Everything should be used rightfully to achieve the best results.

For the quality of an organization to improve nurse should be able to consider several factors. The health centers practitioners should be able to adapt to the culture of the place they work at, the leadership and governance. To be able to make a change to the public one has to learn their way of life and their expectation, the do's and don'ts. Understanding the leadership at the place of work is very advisable to reduce misunderstanding and know what to give and what to expect. Respecting the leaders and the governance of a workplace makes work easier, the leaders should have the public's best interest. Health practitioners should have the analytical data about the research of the place or the people that the improvements should be administered to. This will help in knowing what kind of improvements needs to be done and in what way, they will learn about the behavior patterns. Healthcare should have evidence and agreed on practices that are best to be administered. Having the evidence means that there was thorough research and it has been proven that it is ok to do the improvements practices to the public. The health centers should practice adoption. This means that they should adopt the public's problems and advantages and make them their own in order to make improvements in their lives. Health centers should have financial alignment, the finances should align with the projects in order to succeed. There should be enough finances to acquire the improvements needed (Luppescu, 2016).


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