Free Essay Sample on Biblical Perspective on Gender

Published: 2019-06-26
Free Essay Sample on Biblical Perspective on Gender
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Genesis sets the path for God's motivation for male and female and all their marriage connections. The record starts with shaping both sexes in the likeness of God. This naturally isolates the sexes from whatever is left of the made life frames as remarkable and exceptional and relegates both men and women a certain sort of poise and esteem that is not given to whatever remains of the things God made. In quality, the fact that men and women were all created in Gods image makes them equals. Be as it may, distinction in roles between men and women is and has always been evident. The Bible, more so the Old Testament, depicts the woman as a companion who completes the man. Subsequently, the assigned readings are contingent upon gender roles. These readings are pivoted on the family and the Christian values upon which the family is based on.

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In the book The Family: A Christian Perspective on the Contemporary Home the authors cover every issue that affects family life-marriage, sexuality, communication, and social dynamics revolving around a modern society family. The authors provide a resource platform that enables the readers to comprehend this most established human institution. The book is not limited to a specific segment of the audience but target everyone in general especially Christian families. Christians are encouraged to dig deeper into the scriptures, with the idea that this act will develop a theological factor regarding family relationships. In the consideration of family life meaning as well as humanity, the authors integrate a perspective of christianity with the knowledge gained from psychological and sociological studies. Thus, it will enable the provision of a standard textbook for use in college as well as seminary classes.

Subsequently, the book Family Therapies focuses on family therapy hypotheses based on a Christian perspective. The author is keen to address major family therapy theories but within a Christian framework. Issues that are covered include but are not limited to; conflicts in marriages, gender roles, financial status, sexuality, individual psychopathology, among others. While reading through the book, the message is very clear; the author advocates for an integrated methodology in family therapy. One may be forgiven for thinking that the book targets only the troubled marriages and relationships, but it addresses a wider scope and diverse target audience. It promotes healthy relationships within a Christian framework.

The authors made the assumption that all readers are from Christian backgrounds and that they are all familiar with family dynamics that may not be necessarily the case. Be as it may, Information from these readings is most useful to students, and family members alike. Students are bound to receive essential review pointers on family therapy prototypes from this reading. On the beneficiary end also are counselors who can gather insights and take notes from the authors. Integration of family therapy and counseling within a Christian framework is simply impeccable. The only aspect of gender that was not addressed further by these readings was education and dress codes in the modern day. These two aspects should also be a part and parcel of any gender discussion.

In conclusion, the modern day society loathes gender distinctions and the fact that roles should differ across sexes. This debate also includes the discussion on the translation of the Bible. It is synonymous to the New International Version of the Holy Book. The Christianity perspective on gender is, therefore, dependent on the comprehension and translation of the Bible and the scriptures.


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