Autism: Characteristics, Challenges, & Coping Strategies. Essay Sample

Published: 2022-12-28
Autism: Characteristics, Challenges, & Coping Strategies. Essay Sample
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Autism disability is a condition in people especially children who have a distinct information processing process and brain development (Buxbaum, et al., 2017). Most of them have difficulties when communicating with other people especially in public and cannot control their behaviors.

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Some of the characteristics of children with autism disability include abnormal repetitive behavior especially when spinning, tapping and clapping, avoidance of direct eye contact with other people and difficulties and phobia in interacting with others and sometimes they do not speak at all (Buxbaum, et al.,2017). Also, autism disability individuals are also frustrated and distracted easily sensitive to loud noises and excessively bright lights, and sometimes they are non-emotional and insensitive to some situations (Buxbaum, et al., 2017). A teacher can notice a student has autism disability if he or she sees that he has trouble learning, he needs extra time to complete class tasks and mostly misses class sessions to go for therapies in the hospitals (Buxbaum, et al., 2017). Autism is a condition that can result in severe psychological impacts on the victims since in most cases; people do not understand the situation which results in negative acts towards them such as bullying in school.

According to Buxbaum et al., (2017), diagnostic criteria for autism include continued arrears in social interactions such as lack of understanding of some verbal and non-verbal communications and lack of interest in interacting with peers, phobia of direct eye contact, inability to change their behaviors to fit in a variety of social contexts such as making and maintaining friendships and complete avoidance of expressions. Also, another diagnostic criterion for the autism disorder is through repetitive behavior where the individual may for instance being assistive on a given routine such as eating of the same diet every day and inability to follow methods especially in schools where there are fixed schedules.

Schools should ensure that they have resources to employ specialized professionals trained to handle children with disabilities (Hardy & Woodcock, 2015). Parents can enroll the students to a particular public or private school where they can get special education and be dealt with the right care. According to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, all students have the right to public education and children with disabilities such as autism are also entitled to special education and other necessary kinds of interventions.


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Hardy, I., & Woodcock, S. (2015). Inclusive education policies: Discourses of difference, diversity and deficit. International Journal of Inclusive Education, 19(2), 141-164.

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