Assessment of Key Industry Changes - Free Essay Example

Published: 2023-09-13
Assessment of Key Industry Changes - Free Essay Example
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The various marketing operations in an organization are crucial in aspects related to the production of goods and services. Marketing entails diverse forms of activities, including advertisements and the delivery of products to anticipated customers (Wells, n.d). Marketing brings about different changes in companies. For instance, Apple Company has undergone various changes that have been mainly attributed to several key elements. The company undertakes operations in production and designing hardware such as personal computers, tablets, media players, and smartwatches. All these aspects have significantly impacted on the growth of the company (Wells, n.d). Change is inevitable, and on most occasions, it is driven by a wide range of aspects. The paper is a discussion of the critical changes in the Apple Company.

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Impact of Change on the Apple Company

Apple Company has undergone several changes in its operations. One vital aspect that has brought about changes in the company is the leadership methods employed. The leadership methods used by the company's CEO were able to create a positive environment where great things were able to happen (Nair & Leng, 2012). The high levels of competency, practical business expertise, and the high levels of innovative ideas from Steve jobs have enabled the company to be highly successful despite facing other challenges. The marketing strategies employed by the company have also led to several changes in the company. From the timely communication to the consumers through advertisements, the company has been able to tap into new markets; thus, it has maintained a large customer base in the market (Nair & Leng, 2012). Competition from other companies is the leading factor that resulted in changes in the company.

Obstacles/ Opportunities that Necessitated Changes

The changes in Apple Inc. is directly associated with its ability to use its opportunities to develop itself effectively. One opportunity that necessitated changes is its need to expand its distribution network. Before the changes, the company had a small distribution network, which negatively impacted the total volume of sales (Laugesen & Yuan, 2010, June). However, with the growing market, it has been able to attract other customers; as a result, its total sales of volumes have risen. Collaborations with other strong brands have also resulted in an increased sales by the company (Laugesen & Yuan, 2010, June).

Enabling and Inhibiting Factors that Drove Change

According to research, a wide range of factors enabled changes in Apple Inc. Some of the enabling factors included the use of a simplified technology, satisfaction of customer needs, and the use of innovative ideas in its operations. Apple Inc. primarily invested in the user interface that, in the long run, brought about great user experience (Laugesen & Yuan, 2010, June). The convenience generated by Apple has saved the customers their time since they do not have to read through extensive manuals before beginning to use their gadgets. The innovative ideas of the adoption of information technology have brought several changes to how the business undertakes its operations (Laugesen & Yuan, 2010, June). Apple Inc. has been facing stiff competition from its rival companies, especially Samsung. Samsung Company has been increasing its market shares over the past decades. As a result, the need to increase market shares has forced the company to intensify its marketing strategies; hence it has been able to tap other external markets (Laugesen & Yuan, 2010, June). As a result, the company has been able to stay at the top of the highly competitive market.


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