Essay Sample on Art Midterm

Published: 2022-12-08
Essay Sample on Art Midterm
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The Early Roman Empires Emperor Portrait was depicted quite differently than the Later Roman Empires Emperor's Portrait Sculptures. How and why Did Art in the Roman Empires Generally through Time Toward More Naturalistic Imagery?

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The development of the Roman emperor portrait is majorly characterized by a stylistic cycle which alternatively emphasized specific idealizing and realistic element. Moreover, every single stage of the Roman sculpture can be described as classicizing or varistic since each of the imperial dynasties chose to emphasize specific aspects of representation to legitimize their respective authorities with revered predecessors. Thus, classicizing idealization in portraiture enabled emperors to highlight their individual loyalties to the imperial dynasty generally.

What are the differences and why do you think these differences existed?

The differences between the early Roman Empire emperor portrait and the later Roman Empire emperor portrait sculpture are that the former one used sculpted images specifically to adorn the capitals of columns as well as the helmets of gladiators. However, the later Roman emperor made a specific sculpture which often reflected the fashions as well as the lifestyles that were generally prevalent during the time on which they were made. The differences existed as a result of the archeologist who was able to date sculptures portraits of the Romans by their clothing styles as well as their hairdos

Explain in details three (3) Visual differences between the two roman Portraits

The key visual differences between the two Roman portrait are that the heroin portrait of Trebonianus Gallus and portrait of Augustus is that the former is dark shiny from the outside look whereas the latter is brown. Also, the heroin portrait of the Trabonious Gallus appears to be nude in the essence that it's not clothed while the portrait of Augustus is well clothed and holds a rod in his hands. Lastly, the heroin portrait of Trabonious Gallus appears to be more muscular and tall than the portrait of Augustus who can be described as fatty as and shorter than the portrait of Gallus.

What do you think were the purposes of the two periods in which the sculpting the Portrait?

The time variance between the two portraits indicates the period in which the various artists carried out their work. For instance, the heroin portrait of the Trabonious Gallus was carried out earlier than the portrait of Augustus. The key differences in time can also be seen in the structural manner in which the portraits are designed and modified.

Discuss two differences between Realistic image and Official Image

The realistic image is an image which can be drawn by simply taking real-life examples as well as daily routines whereas the official image is a stylish way of representing objects or anything. Moreover, realistic image involves capturing moments through paintings since during the early ages the artist lacked cameras whereas official image involves the artist giving their work more colors as well as represent the objects with the hard usage of lines by simply giving the name of the modern art

Which Greek sculptural portrait (chapter5) do you think influenced roman portrait imagery? Give an example and tell how you think that particular Greek portrait influenced the Romans portrait sculpture. Elaborate your answers

I think that the imperial art when used about Roman arts majorly referred to the influences of the Greek art on the Hellenistic as well as the classical period. The Greek portrait influenced the Roman sculpture in the following ways; they had an elegant drapery, smooth lines, highly naturalistic forms, idealized nude bodies, and balanced proportions, for instance, the portrait of Augustus of Primaporta of the 1st century.

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