Essay Sample on the Jazz Concert

Published: 2019-09-03
Essay Sample on the Jazz Concert
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Jazz is a music genre that originated from the African Americans in New Orleans between the late 19th century and the early 20th century in the United States. The origin of the jazz music was due to the incorporation of various musical styles and equipment among them the popular and traditional musical styles. The common and popular musical styles are then linked by the common bonds of the African American and European American musical components but in small parentages and included with performance orientation. The music genre has been in existence many years it is quite complicated making it hard for the society to define what it entails. The performances by Freddie Ravel are quite a definition of a jazz music and this is due to the uniqueness of his performances. This is because Freddie engages and reveals the four foundations of music, melody, rhythm, harmony and score, simultaneously and this proves his prowess in the music.

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Throughout the keynote concert, Freddie transforms and inspires the audience and his speaking to the audience helps him to meet the a masterful piano performances which are backed by the legendary music icons and a full orchestra. During his performances on stage, Freddie engages the audience in unraveling obstacles, increasing productivity and to ensure that the score has a breakthrough success while enhancing the listening skills of the audience. The acknowledgement that goes to Freddie led to his international acclamation and this was due to his ability to blend the keynote maestro with other things such as the great passion for business breakthroughs and the power that he gained through music and which helped him to acquire international recognition. Through his music, Freddie has the ability to reach the hearts and minds of hit audiences and the potential audience through his various hits.

In his compositions, Freddie advices on the general living conditions such as leadership, collaboration of both the big and the small firms and the innovations that should take place in the society. In this manner, much thought is given to his idea of renewing the national and international economy and promoting the business in the society. One of the reasons why Freddies music touched the hearts of the society was because he gained interest and skills from the corporate and entrepreneurial training that helped in the composition of the lyrics to meet the demands of the society. Additionally, there are the stages in the music the Freddie played that helped in creating a soothing rhythm to the society and this led to the appeasing the moods of the audience during the performance. The setting of the stage also offers a classical point of view in before and during the performance and this results in the making the audience to join in the same mood as Freddie.

Freddies music fits in almost every setting and this makes his music to be relevant in the society with the aim of appreciating the audience to ensure that they become set for the purposes in life. It is in this light that the development in the music genre has gained public attention and it has combated the storm of the new generational music. In this manner, the society need to appreciate the music genre to ensure that there is the promotion of the various concerts that can enable the society to enjoy the music.

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