Art Appreciation Essay Sample at No Charge

Published: 2019-07-17
Art Appreciation Essay Sample at No Charge
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One of the world's most famous paintings is the Birth of Venus painting by Sandro Botticelli. The painting was made in the 1480s and has been of great significance in the world to date. Historians claim that the painting was commissioned by the Medici family in honor of Lorenzo di Pier Francesco de' Medici. The painting has had many interpretations from different people over the years. T some people the painting was a reflection of an event in Angelo Polizianos poem, Stanze per la giostra. Although there is no direct relationship between the content of the poem and the images in the painting, it portrays the ideology of divine love as expressed in the poem. During its commissioning, the Greek mythology was at its peak and people had great interests in religion and philosophy. People used art to express various philosophical and religious ideologies in an attempt to develop the growth of the people in the nation.

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The philosophers had great meaning for the painting and their interpretations varied between them. Plato and the members of his school view the painting as a reflection of the two major aspects of Venus their god. the two major aspects reflected in this painting are physical love and intellectual love. The painting inspired the people to be godlier as they looked at the face of Venus. The painting had great significance in the religious field as people looked up to the building in expressing the love of their people. Looking at the painting would help improve the faith of the people in the existence of divine love. Other historians argue that the painting could have reflected the character of Lorenzo di Pier Francesco de' Medici as it was commissioned in his honor. The proponents of this view argue that the painting has great significance to the Medici Dynasty.

One of the most captivating features of the painting was the nudity of the characters therein. In the modern society there are many people that will restrain from viewing such art or making such art because of the social constraints on nudity. My creation is a reflection of art loses its vitality by blocking key characteristics owing to nudity. The censored signs put on the drawing make it lose its value from the original piece. The sacredness and beauty of Venus is lost by covering parts of her body considered provocative in the modern society. This piece of art is to help the people become more artistic and open to appreciate the beauty of art. If an artist in the modern day drew such a piece of art it is not allowed in mainstream media because it violates the standards of the art. Newspapers and magazines cannot publish such pieces fearing to offend the conservative people in the society. Censorship robs art of its vitality and significance. My piece is to inspire people to appreciate art for arts sake without pitting their judgmental Policies on the artistic piece.

Artists like Sandro Botticelli could make innovative creations because the community could appreciate their art for what it is without judging it on their moral convictions. many pieces of art in the medieval period have significant levels of nudity. However, in the modern society, such pieces of art cannot be appropriately appreciated and are viewed in the privacy of arts galleries. This robs many artists the power to portray strong messages through art. Accepting to view art for arts sake and detaching the moral and ethical judgment to it would help in developing art.

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