A Personal Statement Essay Example For a Nursing Program Application

Published: 2022-07-26
A Personal Statement Essay Example For a Nursing Program Application
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Despite the nursing career being a challenging one, its value, in general, is that it is exciting, fulfilling, rewarding, and flexible professional field with numerous opportunities to explore, advance, develop, and learn. Most importantly, pursuing a degree in nursing gives one the opportunity to help others in the society with various health problems and hence to impact positively on their lives. Thus, one of the primary reasons for my decision to pursue a nursing degree is to enable me acquire the relevant skills, knowledge, or expertise to become a qualified nurse in future so I can contribute towards alleviating other people's health-related problems. Further, I believe pursuing a degree in nursing by pursuing a nursing program at this institution will act as a stepping stone for advanced education and career in nursing, give me better benefits as a healthcare professional, and enable me explore more career opportunities in the future. My childhood experience when my mother was admitted at a hospital has also inspired me to take on a career in nursing by pursuing this program since I witnessed the important roles nurses play. I would also like to play a role in caring for other people.

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Moreover, growing up in a low-income family instilled and inculcated in me the values of hard work and commitment which I believe will be necessary for me to succeed in this nursing program. Some of the challenges that I went through while growing up and attending school such as lack of enough finances to fund my education did not break me; instead they inspired me to work even harder to help make a difference in the future. While in school, I studied the prerequisite nursing courses very hard and got straight As in the last two years. Through this academic experience, I acquired important skills which I believe will help me successfully complete this program. These skills and values include communication, critical thinking, listening, time management, cultural, advocacy, ethical, problem-solving, confidence, organization, attention to detail, and compassion. Also, after having extensively researched about this nursing program and your institution, I am convinced that I have what it takes to excel and that this is the best college to help me realize my academic and career goals.

To conclude, I strongly believe that what makes me a strong applicant for this nursing program is the fact that I am passionate about helping other people and hence nursing will provide me with an opportunity to impact on others' lives in positive ways. Additionally, my previous educational experience equipped with the necessary skills, interests, values, and inspiration that I believe will help me succeed in this program. Additionally, even though I did well in the courses that are a prerequisite for the nursing program, I will do my best to continue getting straight As in this course if granted the opportunity.

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