Essay Sample about Argentina Presidential Elections

Published: 2019-06-20
Essay Sample about Argentina Presidential Elections
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On October 25th, Argentina held a general election where they voted for both the presidential and legislative candidates which included the Governors, Senators and County Representatives (Romero n.p.). The presidential position was hotly contested and will be going for a run off on 22nd of November, after the two top candidates, Daniel Scioli and Mauricio Macri, failed to clinch the required 45% of the total votes cast (Romero n.p.). There were several presidential candidates but the most promising in terms of the opinion polls were three; Daniel Scioli, who is also a handpicked successor of the incumbent president, Ms Fernandez; Mauricio Macri, the Buenos Airess Mayor, who was to be the arch rival of Scioli according to the opinion polls, and finally Sergio Massa a former ally of Scioli (Romero n.p.).

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The 2015 election marks the expiry of the presidential term that last for fours year (Romero n.p.). The incumbent president Ms Christina Fernandez is leaving office after serving for 11 years, having picked her extra three years after succeeding her husband who died in office in 2003(Gallas n.p).The election ended on the evening of Sunday night and the electro commission announced that the presidential position would go to a run off after the two top candidates failed to attain the 45% of the total votes cast. Argentina population is made of about 40 million registered voters (Gallas n.p). The voters turned up in their numbers and made long queues waiting long hours to cast their votes. Now the presidential race is up to the two candidates and their supporters to decide who will be Argentinas next president.

The results have boosted the confidence of the opposition headed by their flag bearer Mauricio Macri (Economist n.p). It was widely expected that the presidents choice Mr Scioli would take the day, but mayor from Buenos Aires made a surprising shocker. If the first round results are to go by, then the run off promises to be a tight race. Mr Scioli took 37.5% of the votes cast compared to 35.3%n garnered by Macri (Romero n.p.). The candidates are now engaged in heated and intense campaigns as the run off date approaches. The third runners up, Sergio Massa, who was a former ally of the government and particularly Mr Fernandez is thought to be the kingmaker as he garnered a coveted 21% of the votes cast (Romero n.p.). Massa, who had joined the opposition, could very much decide where the results go, with analyst predicting an opposition alliance.

The winner is taking over a nation with significant economic challenges. From infrastructure, employment and a GDP that is growing in a very slow rate (Gallas n.p). As much as the country has taken major economic strides in comparison to other Latin countries, economic growth has slowed in the resent years (Gallas n.p). Also, the incoming president will need to make such important decision like the American Hedge fund and how to restructure the debt defaulted in 2001, a debt Ms Fernandez refused to pay even after the government was successfully sued.

All the candidates come with immense skills and experiences having served in leadership position either in government and or in the private sector (Economist n.p.). Therefore, whoever takes office on the 22nd, one thing is certain, Argentina is set for better days. Hopefully.

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