Annotated Bibliography for Literature Review - Paper Example

Published: 2023-08-22
Annotated Bibliography for Literature Review - Paper Example
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Davids, E. L., Kredo, T., & Mathews, C. (2020). Interventions for preventing unintended pregnancies among adolescents. SAMJ South African Medical Journal, 110(1), 7+. Retrieved from

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In this article, the authors focus on the various interventions that can be put in place to reduce and prevent pregnancies among adolescents in South Africa. Their work covers multifaceted interventions that, when put in place, can help to reduce unwanted pregnancies among teenagers. The articles give a clear picture of the situation and the reason for choosing South Africa as the region of study. As a result, it provides me with a clear view of the situation of pregnant adolescents hence fostering my knowledge for the increased need for the interventions suggested by the authors. The fact that there is an increasingly high rate of unintended pregnancies among teenagers in South Africa made it possible for the authors to study and know more about this situation alongside coming among various measures. Davids et al. state in this article that pregnancy during adolescence is an antecedent as well as an effect of school dropout in South Africa. Also, the authors confirm that teenage pregnancy is associated with many problems that affect the educational, health, economic, and social status of the affected teenagers. The article further confirms that poverty, a major social determinant of health, also affects these adolescents' reproductive health needs.

The various interventions to prevent unintended pregnancies that the article suggests are both short-term and long-term. They include education and the use of contraceptives. Firstly, the authors suggest that adolescents can be prepared and informed of the consequences of unintended pregnancies in South Africa through proper education. Through education, the article also indicates that teenagers are kept for long in school hence enabling them to transition to adulthood successfully. Davids et al. suggest that education helps them get employment opportunities; therefore, they can take care of themselves. The use of contraceptives among adolescents also helps to delay their sexual debut, hence avoiding unintended pregnancies among teenagers in South Africa. In light of the interventions mentioned above, this article gives some of the best solutions to curbing unintended pregnancies. Therefore, it cannot be denied that this article will be of great importance in reviewing the literature with its expansive nature in explaining the interventions. Additionally, this article illustrates the methods that the study was conducted as well as the expected results.

Potgieter, C., & Zuma, N. (2019). Female leadership, parental non-involvement, teenage pregnancy, and poverty impact learners' underperformance in further education and training. HTS Teologiese Studies, 75(4), NA. Retrieved from

In this article, Potgieter and Zuma believe that in as much as several studies have explored the reasons for the underperformance of learners, there is still a lack of enough research in South Africa. The article focusses mainly on how the various school leadership, also known as school management teams, contribute to the underperformance of learners hence failures of schools. Several factors impact the underperformance of learners. Because of this, and in addition to other factors, this article investigates how the underperformance of both learners and learning institutions is affected by poor and incompetent female leadership, lack of parental involvement in the learning affairs of their children, the effects of teenage pregnancy which leads to school dropout as well as the influence of poverty. Therefore, the article offers a variety of factors that the authors believe have not been completely exhausted in the study of the underperformance of learners. Therefore, these factors provide the basis of the study in this area and offer a broad scope for the literature review.

As mentioned earlier, this article focuses on school leadership and how it has led to the underperformance of both learners and schools in general. The article presents a study undertaken in two schools regarding underperformance and the reasons associated with it. Various findings are presented concerning the problem of female leadership problems, socioeconomic factors, teenage pregnancy, violence, poverty, and the health of learners. The multiple results confirm that poor and inadequate female leadership is responsible for the underperformance of learners. Also, the article states that teenage pregnancy and violence against learners can lead to underperformance because they tend to concentrate on their new unintended condition. Violence also deprives learners the peace of mind hence a poor learning environment.

The article confirms that KwaZulu-Natal province, where this study was conducted, has the highest number of pregnant teenagers. Also, the article states poverty as another reason for underperformance because learners are unable to get the learning requirement. The challenges of menstrual hygiene are another issue because, in some cases, learners are kept out of schools hence derailing their performance. Because of all these factors, this article will serve the purpose of ensuring that various measures are put in place to curb the problem of underperformance of learners and schools. It would be important to the review because the various factors mentioned were confirmed in the finding to have contributed to this problem; hence appropriate suggestions can be put in place to end underperformance in the whole regions of South Arica that have been affected.

Siddharth, A. R., & Kirubamani, N. H. (2019). Awareness about the Consequence of Teenage Pregnancy. Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental Sciences, 8(34), 2672+. Retrieved from

In this article, the authors present a study on the importance of awareness of the various consequences of teenage pregnancy. Therefore, the paper focuses on how awareness can be made among teenagers to reduce the effects of adolescent pregnancies. Hence, this article provides solutions that, when put in place, then this problem will be reduced massively. As a result, this paper provides adequate information regarding how teenagers can be made aware. It cannot be denied that teenage pregnancies have posed several problems, like neonatal and obstetric issues, resulting from immaturity, inadequate care, and unintended pregnancies.

In summary, this article mainly focuses on various ways in which awareness can be increased to prevent teenage pregnancy. As discussed in the study, this is still a significant problem in most poor and developing countries like India. Teenagers get married at a very young age hence becoming pregnant. The article suggests that education is an appropriate way of creating awareness. When teenagers are educated on the possible consequences of pregnancy at an early age, most of them will cease. Therefore, the article suggests that educational status is a significant way of creating awareness. The article also suggests that the main reasons for teenage pregnancy are early marriages and illiteracy among teenagers.

As observed, when a comparison is made with the above articles, it is no doubt that this article will also offer a large area of study. The problem of teenage pregnancy has been on the rise, especially in the developing world, and appropriate measures should be taken. Therefore, the article provides knowledge and ways in which awareness can be improved among teenagers regarding the effects of teenage pregnancy, hence becoming an essential part of the literature review in trying to find the answers to this problem.

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