Free Essay on Regulatory Standards of Practice in a Health Care Facility

Published: 2019-10-04 21:30:19
Free Essay on Regulatory Standards of Practice in a Health Care Facility
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Regulatory Standards and Practice

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Regulatory compliance is an important aspect of all health care facilities. In the nursing practice, conformity to the regulatory standards and practice are essential to prevent infections transfer among patients within the same facility. This essay discusses the issue of infection transfer among patients in a health care facility and also illustrates how the Grand Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center manages the issue using the standards set by the New York State health department. The essay also explains how infection control in the institution conforms to the quality and regulation standards set forth by the regulation agency.

The issue of Infection Transfer Among Patients

There is an imminent risk of infection transfer between different persons in a given health care facility. This is because some infections are capable of spreading from one person to another through contact or other means. Given the sensitivity of this issue, regulatory bodies occasionally set mandatory infection control standards, through which all staff members in medical facilities must follow when handling patients.

Health Care Setting

The Grand Manor nursing and rehabilitation center is one of the prominent medical institutions that serve patients within the Bronx area, New York. The facility enables those suffering from chronic illnesses and disabilities to attain highly specialized health care services. Given the numerous patients visiting the institution with different illnesses, the spread of infections poses huge risks to the patients within the institution. Nevertheless, through the regulations provided by the New York State Department of Health, proper infection control standards, the issue of infection transfer amongst patients can be controlled.

The Regulatory Agency

The New York State Department of Health is a regulatory agency that enforces the compliance of its regulatory standards in the nursing institutions situated in New York. The standards proposed by this institution with regards to the Medical practice are backed by the U.S. Constitution. The infection control standards are derived from the Infection Control and Barrier Precautions law of the U.S. Constitution, which was passed in August 1992 (New York Department of Health, 2016). For this reason, the department emphasizes on the training of staff with regards to infection control. The Department also requires that every nursing institution in New York obtain licenses after registration under article 130 of the Education Law (Thomson Reuters, 2016).

Grand Manors Conformity to the Regulatory Standards of the Department of Health

With the mandatory requirement having been set by the statutes and enforced by the health department, Grand Manor ensures utter compliance with these regulations. The institution regularly renews its licenses of practice on an annual basis. In addition, the institution ensures that the nursing staff undergoes training every six months, as stipulated by the states health department. Ultimately, the institution ensures that all its employees have updated certificates of practice on an annual basis.


In conclusion, regulatory standards of practice in a health care facility should be enforced to ensure the safety of both staff and patients in the institution. Health departments, like the New York State Department of Health, should ensure the conformity of all health care institutions to the codes of practice when handling patients, as outlined in the constitution. This way, it is possible to eradicate the issue of infection transfer among patients in the same medical facility.


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