Preparedness and Response Actions of Hurricane Maria. Free Essay

Published: 2022-12-30
Preparedness and Response Actions of Hurricane Maria. Free Essay
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Hurricanes concern the stormy weather which can hit a particular place and cause destructive consequences. In this case, there are several hurricanes which traverse some regions across the world at specific seasons of the year and can cause quite adverse effects on the lives of the people as well as varied impacts on the environments and all that exists. An example of such destructive hurricanes is the one referred to as Hurricane Maria which hit Puerto Rico in more than eighty years and managed to cause severely catastrophic consequences on the lives of such people. In this case, the hurricane was so severe that the destructions caused to many beings and components of the country are likely to take longer to fade and get recovered to their original nature. It can be seen that Puerto Ricans suffered a lot from the hurricane. The sufferings encountered by the Puerto Ricans range from the loss of lives, the loss of property, the destruction of the animals, the loss of the useful infrastructure such as the power lines and the much-used road networks, alongside the destruction of the aesthetic beauty of the land surface in which they transact their daily activities. There are various preparation measures adopted by the Puerto Ricans concerning the preparedness and response actions taken for Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. The resultant health effects of such preparedness of the Puerto Ricans to Hurricane Maria also have health effects on them. The paper, thus, aims at establishing the preparedness and response actions taken for Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico alongside their impact of the health care system, as brought out in the subsequent paragraphs.

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First, there was the preparation of the medical teams by the government of Puerto Rico. In this case, there had been the prior establishment of the likelihood of the happening the hurricane Maria. The rescue teams had thus been dispatched to sail and remain to stand by on the sea, where they stayed in a sailing ship as they got ready to get into action I reaction to the maims and disasters caused by the hurricane Maria on human lives. Ultimately, a lot of attention was dispatched and diverted to the impending rescue missions following the happenings of the hurricane Maria. Most of the medical practitioners had switched most of their attention to the response actions when hurricane Maria will be taking place. As such, the healthcare system in Puerto Rico was left not well attended for concerning the attention to the normal e=ailments that the Puerto Ricans go through. The people thus received inadequate treatments and proper attention form the medical practitioners who would aid at the time began their preparations for the relevant actions to take when the hurricane made its toll as per the schedule provided by the weather forecasters.

Besides, there were the efforts of the Puerto Rican government regarding the provision of the shelter resources as well as the gauges to the people. In this case, it had been forecast that the hurricane Maria would likely be huge and thus its destructions would be massive, It was recommended that the shelter resources including the firm compartments to house the residence of the island be dispatched to various locations to aid the citizens. Additionally, there was the dispatching of the much-needed gauges which would be used in regulating the water levels in various locations where the residents would take refuge when they consider them as being better in aiding in the sheltering against the destructive hurricane. In this regard, the provision of gauges cost the government a considerable lot of funds, hence paralyzing its ability to focus its attention to other activities in the long run. There was the provision of relief food, also, which would aid in feeding the population adversely affected by the hurricane Maria, during and after the disaster. It is in such efforts that the government of Puerto Rico went into the insufficiency of funds to aid in developing other sectors which involve the health care system for the benefit of the people of Puerto Rico who might be having some health problems. The healthcare system would thus have the insufficiency of funds to develop its various components, such as the purchase of the required drugs for treating the population, transportation to access remote areas where the population had bee adversely affected by the hurricanes regarding their lives, as well as funding their medical practitioners and staff. The healthcare system would lag in its various components in the long run.

During the occurrence of the disaster, the Puerto Rican government had various response actions in place. They were meant to help in offsetting the severity of the occurring crash on its population. As a result, there was the conduction of the air rescue services for the people who had been adversely affected by the hurricane. In this regard, the people in remote areas were rescued using military helicopters and airlifted to safety. Others who had secured better refuge centers in the country were provided with the necessities to sustain their lives, such as water, foods, heavy clothing, as well as more shelter cabins for protection against cold as well as the deadly hurricane. During the process, there was the issuance of the medication to the people, in which most of them acted as relief owing to the existing unconducive conditions in the country. The healthcare system was at the time poorly organized due to the poor communication amongst the healthcare practitioners. There had been the destruction of the country's core infrastructure, including the communication equipment and installations. The people who managed to get the relief healthcare services were incompletely attended since there was no proper diagnosis of the ailments as well as the follow-ups regarding the recovering nature and progress of the treated patients. It was not a wholly reliable treatment system because it was conducted at the tie that there was no stability in the country. There were also instances in which the healthcare practitioners, during their response missions, could make incorrect treatment diagnoses on the patients, hence resulting in the adversely affected heaths of the patients involved. Thus, the remedial response actions in Puerto Rico, concerning the treatment of the patients affected by hurricane Maria contributed to the significantly failed proper healthcare system in the country.

In conclusion, Puerto Rico had variously gotten ready and responded to hurricane Maria in diverse ways brought out above. The methods, however, could yield some adverse effects to the healthcare system of the country as observed form the research outcomes.

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