Free Essay Sample: Ancient vs Modern Western History

Published: 2017-12-25
Free Essay Sample: Ancient vs Modern Western History
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Western history can be divided into two halves namely: ancient and modern. Western history has been subject to many changes over the years, and some cultures, behaviors, lifestyles and fashion trends have become obsolete in the contemporary world. This paper is going to expound on the distinction between the ancient and the modern.

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The ancient Western History was punctuated with too much protocol and the need to fit in. Some behaviors and cultures were practiced and adhered to at all costs regardless of whether you liked it or not. Discipline and morals were taken seriously and could not be compromised at all costs. Of course, respect and etiquette were the order of the day and were illustrated in the way people dressed, talked, walked and lived. The young respected their elders more, and this went without saying. When it comes to fashion, the outfits were pretty decent and not too revealing. The only shortcoming of the ancient times was technology. They lagged behind in this area, and a lot of things had to be done manually.

So how does this compare with the modern Western Culture? The modern world is phased with the popular culture where people do what they want when they want, and how they want. A lot of values and principles have been compromised on. Morals have been lost, and discipline has been jeopardized in a lot. The modern world is punctuated with chaos and rebellious nature, in particular among the youths. The fashion trends are shocking if not worrying. People have lost touch with what’s important in life, and they are so obsessed with making money and competing; religion, character, behavior, just to name a few. Technology is the significant advantage that it has over the ancient times.

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