Analyzing Mixed and Visual Rhetoric of Google Home Mini Image, Essay Sample for You

Published: 2022-03-11
Analyzing Mixed and Visual Rhetoric of Google Home Mini Image, Essay Sample for You
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Google Home Mini is one of the recent Google products that is meant to make life easier regarding Google use. It is a voice-controlled speaker that can be used in various ways including entertainment through playing music. The gadget can also be used to answer trivial questions, make a shopping list as well as ask Google questions and create calendar events. The advancement in technology has also seen Google add the feature to connect your phone call to the home mini speaker and also the ability to use it to locate your phone in case of misplacement in the house. This Home Mini comes in various colors such as grey and coral red.

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The presentation of Google Home mini image avails an opportunity for us to analyze the mixed and visual rhetoric of the image. Being a contemporary gadget in the world where technology is at its peak, Google Home Mini gadget is slowly becoming part of our life. The purpose of this essay is to perform a rhetoric analysis of Google Home mini ad and all the associated features in its image. Created by Google, the image of the home mini is in the context of digitalization of all the aspects of life, and it targets the scholars or anybody who uses Google a lot in their home or even office as it is presented by the presence of pens and book as well as the question asked. When this image was being created, the presence of texts for question and answer implies that the activity that was taking place was talking to the Google through the gadget. Google Home Mini is the best voice control gadget especially to people whose life is deeply rooted in Google's ecosystem.

Appearing in light grey color, there is a suggestion of coolness and calming mood that is associated with Google Home Mini. Also, the image under analysis has four dots in a circle at the display window. The dots are of colors blue, red, green and yellow. The harmonies created by the combination of these four colors create palates that are very pleasing to the eye. The blue color is associated with water and the feeling of coolness that comes with Google Home mini gadget. The red dot has been used to express the passion and the energy as well as the excitement that is presented with Google Home Mini gadget. The feeling that one gets after buying this gadget and incorporating it into their Google ecosystem is presented by the color red as excitement and full of vigor and gusto to continue using Google. Additionally, the green color is equally significant in the rhetoric analysis of the Google Home mini image. It is a reminder to the user about the living plants as well as money. Therefore, the green color used here suggests to the user of the gadget that they should feel healthy, happy and wealthy with when using Google Home Mini. It also suggests that Google Home Mini brings you warmth whenever you're using it. Perhaps this is true owing to the cost of Google Home Mini that retails at $50 a suggestion that it is a bit expensive compared to its use and necessity. Finally, the yellow color is used in the image to represent the softness that this gadget comes with. It also suggests that it is used in a calm environment that is free from noise.

The image portrays the simple style of this cool tool. The presentation with only four buttons and its small size can be viewed as a simple gadget that everyone can learn its use easily. Moreover, the presence of texts at the display implies that the user can talk to Google Home Mini, ask questions through it and get answers direct there. The text appears in question and an answer parts are suggesting the ease and speed this tool can bring to the user. Also, the font of the text displayed suggests formality thus suggesting the audience targeted are in formal settings such as academics. The image reminds the audience that Google Home Mini gadget will be used on a daily basis just like the pen. This is evidenced by the availability of a pen on the same desk with the gadget. Also, availability of pencils with eraser suggests that the mistake made through the gadget is not permanent and can be undone. The image of the Google Home Mini would lose some meaning if the text part were removed. It would not be easy to suggest the audience of the image.

In conclusion, the interpretation of an image or any literature can be greatly influenced by all the prevailing things around it. However, it is significant to analyze and scrutinize all the possible and visible features of an image before concluding it. Just like the image about Google Home Mini gadget has surprised me to realize that the Google Home Mini is the one used to communicate and display the text on the display window, it implies that the culture between me and the image has was not one of the best before the analysis. Therefore, the importance of Google Home mini is evidently discovered through thorough scrutiny and analysis of mixed and visual rhetoric.

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