Speech Example on Gun Possession

Published: 2022-10-24
Speech Example on Gun Possession
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Topic; kindly let us join hands and make the World Safe

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Gunshots! Gunshots! Gunshots! Do you think that possessing guns provide us with the security we need as a society? Would you have the same feeling if you knew the dangers that we expose our children to by possessing a gun? I don't think so!

SP; My request to you on this forum is to ask you to support me on the ban on possessing guns. They should instead be left with the security agencies as they are well trained on how and when to use them best.


Ownership of guns should be opposed since they are dangerous weapons that should not be exposed to everyone just because they can afford them.

To persuade

Gun possession has caused many deaths in children. The society has remained silent on the issue, and the authorities seem to be casting a blind eye. The internet, social media and magazines advocate for possession of firearms, thus making us feel powerful and safer. However, what they fail to tell us is the number of people who lose their lives when guns are in the hands of the wrong people. According to research, the majority of violence cases presented in courts, there was involvement of weapons either in threatening, inflicting injuries and even kills people (Bigsby 110).

I am here today with only one intention, to make you oppose the ownership of guns.

Credibility Statement

I have researched the dangers of gun possession

I have decided to involve everyone in this debate

My Primary Points

First; I will give reasons why guns are dangerous in our homes

Second; Why weapons are hazardous to our children

Third; Guns bring death to our families

Prevention has always been better than cure. I will give the reasons why I oppose gun ownership.

1.Reason one: having guns in our homes is a catalyst for lethal violence.

When someone possesses a gun in his home and has anger issues, they have a high chance of causing fatal effects. Not so long, this country has experienced public mass shooting at schools and social places (Fox 130).

People with psychological issues have been heard to open fire to the general public just for the sake. One example is the killing of Laura in California by a psychologically ill person (Ralston n.p). The cases are countless.

2.Reason two: guns expose children to higher risk.

Thousands of children lose their lives every year as a result of gunfire. Research from the federal department of security indicates that eight children are killed every week and 50 killed every month due to firing (Bigsby 110).

The number of children that suffer from non-fatal injuries due to firearms have increased by 13% this year as compared to the previous years.

Another shocking fact is the increase in the rate of deaths as a result of guns. Events have shown that kids between the ages of 1-14 years in the developed countries had a higher chance of holding the weapon in their hands due to the negligence of parents (Gabor 135).

Reason three: guns have resulted in many tragedies in families.

Taking the life of another person using a gun is straightforward. All you need to do is to pull the trigger, and your subject falls dead.

Let's leave security to the military, and the police since these guns we keep in our homes have done more harm to us than good. Having given those facts, it calls for any parent or guardian to reevaluate the need of possessing a gun. Does it help them or does it make things even worse? The decisions are ours to make, but I have indicated what is right and what needs to be done.

As we can see, action needs to be taken to curb this menace in our society. Lets us look at what statistics show us

Based on a statistical report, it has been discovered that every year, children die because of gun possession. For instance, in the UK 19 teens died, France had 201 deaths, Germany had 57, Canada recorded 250, and the U.S remained the highest with 6396 deaths (Kerry 55).

Another similar study also noted that States which children accessed guns were at a higher risk of having more deaths (Wright 220).

Children who are between 5 to 14 years living in States such as California, Texas and Chicago that had easy access to guns were more vulnerable to committing suicide and murder (Fox 126). The number of those dying due to firearm homicide in those States is also very high. The same study also indicates that children are 15 times more likely to lose their lives as a result of firearm-related accidents as compared to children from developing countries (Gibsy 110).

Similarly, the research has also indicated that the high rate of deaths is as a result of easy access to guns and not due to the development of a nation, standards of education and levels of poverty (Bigsby 110).

I want you to think of what happened at Columbine High School, where the senseless shooting took place and how this incident and others have impacted the lives of the families that lost their loved ones (Gabor, 140).

Ask yourself, if the society was free of guns could such occurrences happen and would you wish similar incidents to take place in the future? I don't need to give you the answer as you know it yourself.

The best way to stop such tragic occurrences and others that are impending is by banning of possession of firearms in our homes.


A review of the main points

Today I have managed to explain why ownership of guns is not good

I have also used statistical facts to show the rates of deaths due to gun possession

Finally, I have left you with a question that is not hard to answer when you recall what I have talked about

As the thesis stated, ownership of guns should be opposed since they are dangerous weapons especially where children are involved

It is impossible to take back bullets, once they start flying in the air. You must realize that as a parent or a guardian, you must ensure that your children are safe and free of any impending danger. I, therefore, appeal to you, to oppose the ownership of guns to save lives.

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