Free Essay. Analysis of the Economic Factors Debated Between Two Presidential Candidates

Published: 2023-01-26
Free Essay. Analysis of the Economic Factors Debated Between Two Presidential Candidates
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Donald Trump is the current president of the United States after he won the November 8, 2016, election against his competitor Hillary Clinton but before the election was held, the two presidential candidates debated in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 26, 2016. This paper is an economic analysis of some of the significant economic factors debated and discussed by the two candidates.

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1. Type 1 Questions

1.1. Trump referred to a speech made by Clinton in a Brazilian Bank. What speech was Trump referring to?

The speech that president Trump was referring to in the debate is one that was released by WikiLeaks claiming to be among Hillary Clinton's paid speech transcripts. It stated that in 2013, Hillary had told a Brazilian bank that her dream was a common hemispheric market which comprised of open trade as well as open borders. This was against Trump's plan of securing the borders and from illegal immigrants whom Trump stated that got into the country through illegal means. By open trade and open borders means the removal of the tariffs and taxes charged on goods being brought into the United States from the surrounding countries as well as the free flow of goods and services outside the United States to the neighboring countries. Trump was against this because he thought that this would increase the number of immigrants living in the United States, which often became a burden for the government as well as the people of the United States.

1.2. What did Clinton mean by the statement I will "grow the economy, to make it fairer, to make it work for everyone."

By this statement, Clinton generally meant her whole plan, what she would do once allowed being the president. Some of the critical claims that she used to support the above statement include the advancement of the education system into being more technical, creation of over ten million jobs in advanced manufacturing and infrastructure, increase of the national minimum wage, giving women equal pay for the work they do, ensuring college is debt free, giving the middle-class families more opportunities as well as creating new opportunities, new businesses and helping small businesses. All these claims by Clinton generally meant the growth of the economy in making it fairer and workable for everyone.

2. Type II Questions

2.1 In class, we have talked about the generalization that for every defensible proposal, there is a defensible counterproposal. Explain how the Clinton-Trump debate exemplifies this generalization.

The phrase, 'for every defensible proposal, there is a defensible counterproposal' basically means that in a debate, any proposal or point made by one side of the debaters, there is an alternative proposal or point to it by the other side of the debaters. This generalization can be found in Clinton trumps debate in a point where Clinton states that she will not rip families apart in her government through the deportation of immigrants from the United States as Trump's plan was since she says that that is a waste of resources, but instead she proposes the effective use of the available resources hence she thinks it would be better only to get rid of the violent individuals and to deport them and not deporting everyone. Trump planned to deport all the illegal immigrants in the United States and to build a wall across the Mexican border as well as ensuring secure borders. According to him, this would help in keeping the United States away from drugs and bad people.

3. Type III Questions

3.1 Identify a modern-day situation that reminds you of the Clinton-Trump debate. Explain how the debate and this situation are similar and different.

Today the challenges and difficulties that the United State government faces in the building of the Mexican border wall due to the high estimates of the costs of building the wall. The costs are estimated to be too high due to some other factors, including the mountain and desert terrain along the border, which increases the estimated value of building the wall. This, together with other factors, have affected the plan of building the wall despite many efforts by President Trump. The challenges and difficulties remind me of the Clinton-Trump debate of how president Trump had strong faith that his government would be able to construct the wall, and the situation on the ground still shows much effort in trying to build the wall as he stated in his agendas but the difference is that at first Trump noted that he would construct a concrete wall but when it comes to the real situation on the ground, the wall is being made by steel and a concrete base also there are times when Trump is referring to the wall as just a mere fence yet he proposed to build a wall.

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