Reflection Essay Sample about Project Management

Published: 2017-12-26
Reflection Essay Sample about Project Management
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The proverbial "experience is the best teacher" is of high relevance in the management of projects. The entire process of project management requires intensive learning from the previous and crafting new ways of making better what hitherto did not to work for the future of the projects. This does well when the management can evaluate their past experiences, and making notes on what worked and what failed. Failure is always not what all managers yearn for, and therefore it becomes necessary to come up with other concepts of making it better.

Project Management Evaluation

In my experience of project management, I ensure that there is the review of previous projects. Typically, it involves the evaluation of the outcomes of projects, incorporation of the best experience for future management and innovation of ideas that seek to address previous challenges or failures. The fundamental values that a project manager I uphold is acceptance of the outcome, readiness to change and being visionary. Vision in project management creates specific goals that in a case of their failure at first attempt; one is still motivated to learn from the negatives and perfect them in future. I would, therefore, conceptualize that projects need proper planning at their onset. Anticipate outcomes and one’s goal should be getting the best out. The plan will help managers to come up with a contingency design that addresses the emergency in the course of projects. Contingency plans are preparatory to adverse outcomes in the process of management.

In conclusion, it is clear that project management is a process that requires learning and making new ideas from the preceding in the case of failures, only if one yearns for changes, they can effectively manage projects. Learning is a continuous aspect in management since some of the new ideas may work out well in addressing previous issues while others may not. The situation creates another avenue for further learning from the newer ideas. New ideas are an experimental test for the previous trials, and so the process goes on. Respond is always different if the same issue reoccurs. And this creates a chance in learning new ideas addressing the shortcomings.

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