Essay Example on the American Legal System and the Federal Judiciary

Published: 2022-07-01
Essay Example on the American Legal System and the Federal Judiciary
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The American Supreme Court usually has a slow start with liberals and conservatives extending to controversial and consensus issues by not avoiding them entirely. There is an act of the high court's conservative's majority aiming at a series of shock waves to give the nation a glimpse of the future. The new chief justice John Robert and his colleague swept aside progressive arguments to defang the labor unions support of pregnancy crisis centers. These centers are aimed at steering women from abortions. The Supreme Court has apologetically defined itself as a profoundly conservative institution by sanctioning President Donald Trump's ban on immigrants majorly from Muslim countries. Four liberals of the nation's highest court signed their displeasure by the rightward shift during the reading of the scathing dissents.

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As a result of Justice Anthony Kennedy retirement, it gives Donald Trump an opportunity to nominate a similar staunch conservative hence shoving the court further by anchoring to the right for generations to come. The court calls the progressive activist to storm the streets in protest before the Republican Senate officially vetted Mr. Gorsuch as the next chief justice due to their highest number in the senate-house. This move led to vetting investigations by the committee considering how justice Gorsuch was appointed. Senator Dick Dublin states that in the line where majority controlled the outcome it's hard to achieve the people's interest at heart. As a result of the majority of Democrats passing such vetting, the courts will become more conservative in the future. It will results in questions on the high stake issues, affirmative actions. Civil rights, access to polls, same-sex marriage, workplace discrimination, immigration, government surveillance as well as woman's right to abortion are likely to play back into the nation's history. Donald Trump has issued a travel ban, public sector unions and also on voting rights. There is little the Democrats can do in the short term and even stopping another nomination of Justice Antonin Scalia as well as prevent the president benefit from such appointments. Justice Kennedy resignation ups the ante because of his independent thought and his solid vote has not enabled him to side with the conservatives hence replacing with Justice Gorsuch will jeopardize the fundamental rights and freedom of people.

Due to Justice Kennedy departure, the nation's highest court has faced a lot of challenge from all sides of the corner. It is due to the influence of the conservative individual who wants to satisfy their interest. The action of Mr. Donald trump appointing justices according to his political interest must stop for the bitterness of national progress. Moreover, the court will become more conservative hence the following issues will never be addressed, i.e., same-sex marriage, access to polls, affirmative actions, workplace discrimination, Muslims immigration ban and woman's right to an abortion.


The nation's highest court has faced a lot of challenges since the departure of Justice Kennedy. The appointment of Justice Gorsuch was a result of Donald trump political benefits to maintain the status quo of the court. Also, the conservative influence of the Supreme Court is as a result of the Republican senators and actions of Donald Trump, i.e., travel bans, union's fees and antitrust liability.

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