Free Essay Offering Solutions to Organ Trafficking

Published: 2022-05-05
Free Essay Offering Solutions to Organ Trafficking
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Organ trafficking is illegal recruitment and transfer of parts of the body either of deceased or a living individual. The practice involves forcefully getting an individual to extract their body organs such as kidney and the heart. The illegal practice originated from organ trade in the medical sector whereby a healthy individual donates an organ to a patient at a cost. Initially, an individual would give an organ for free probably because transplant was only between closely related individuals. The introduction of the cyclosporine an anti-rejection drug allows transfer of organs among genetically unrelated individuals. Organ trafficking is a problem currently growing rampant in the medical sector that requires a permanent solution. Some of the proposed solutions are the development of improved systems for deceased organ donation, implementation of laws that prohibit organ trafficking and practice of altruistic living.

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Improvement of the procedures involved in the organ donation from deceased individuals is a solution towards curbing organ trafficking. The increase in the demand for organs in the hospitals causes patients to appear desperate act as an advantage to the traffickers. The doctors lack a defined procedure to investigate the exact source of the organs especially when the donor is a deceased individual (Kelly. 1318). The medical sector should set an improved system that ensures that organs from deceased individuals undergo donation in a legit manner through the involvement of the close relatives in the process. Organs should not just get reception from any individual who claims to be a relative, and thus DNA analysis must be carried out to confirm the relationship between the seller and the deceased individual.

The government must have a set of laws and regulations that prohibit organ trafficking to reduce the problem. In other occasions, wealthy individuals force the poor to donate their especially eyes and the kidney which is a form of organ trafficking for the living individuals. Stories from victims of the tragedy show how exploitation is rampant and equalize their body to the car in the garage. The government must set rules that illegalize organ transplant for money to save their citizens because in most cases the money does not solve the current poverty issues but instead worsen (Jafar. 1150). Physician regulating laws are essential to ensure that the doctors act accountable for the exploitation of both the donor and the recipient. The rules should expect that health care provider should not accept to cooperate in the transfer of organs before explicit and independent confirmation of the voluntarily and the no coerciveness of the donor. The laws should aim at upholding the medical ethics to the highest standards (Jeneen. 44).

The altruistic living is a morally right lifestyle that entails living for the sake of others. The government should educate and encourage citizens to live a selfless life for organ donations. The ethics of selfless living allows an individual to make the sacrifice for the good of another individual in the society such as organ transplanting (Budiani-Saberi et al. 1309). The living style helps increase the organ pool which reduces demand thus preventing organ trafficking. For instance, an individual would willingly donate a kidney to the patient without any financial gain. Altruistic living reduces organ trade which is rampant in Egypt which is the core reason for trafficking.

Organ trafficking is a possible end problem if the solutions discussed above undergo implementation. The core reason for the increase of the problem is the broad organ pool which leads to commercialization of organ donation. Traffickers take advantage and see the demand and marketing as an opportunity to earn income. The solutions need urgency in implementation to curb the problem

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