Alien Agenda Essay Example

Published: 2022-09-26
Alien Agenda Essay Example
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Humans have been fascinated by the possibility of the existence of other intelligent and alien life in the space. Considering the vastness of the space, it is practical to imagine that there other organisms on other planets, and even the possibility of intelligent beings out there. Most of the existing assumptions on alien life have approached the subject with the notion that it is humans who would find aliens, and not the other way round. However, there is a possibility that if aliens exist, they could also find the Earth before humans find them. If aliens were to find the Earth and humans first, there are several agendas that they could have for the planet and its inhabitants.

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Alien Agenda 1: Co-existence with Humans

The first major consideration for aliens finding us is they would have to be more intelligent than humans. For many decades, humans have invested heavily in projects seeking to study the outer space for signs of life, for instance, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) among independent research institutions on life outside earth (Howell, 2018). However, despite the research and thousands of hours dedicated to scanning the space, no alien life has been detected. Furthermore, even for planets that are nearby, humans are yet to develop technology that can safely transport humans to such masses. Consequently, if aliens were to be the first to discover us, and come to earth, it would imply that they have superior technology and intelligence. One of the actions the aliens would possibly take is to co-exist with humans where they would try to learn as much as possible from our technologies. Another possibility is that they would exist amongst us without humans ever knowing, for instance, in the oceans or in the Antarctic or other locations with a limited presence of humans.

Alien Agenda 2: Displace Humans by Defeating and Killing Them

The second possibility of the agenda that aliens may have for coming to the Earth could be to conquer and take over the planet. Such an agenda is not farfetched since their high levels of intelligence would possibility indicate their capacity to produce superior weapons that can harm humans and kill millions of organisms on planet Earth. However, there is a possibility since humans, as the more intelligent organisms, would put more resistance to such takeover, and therefore face more consequences for their actions from the aliens. Defeating humans would involve two possibilities, which are displacing them to locations from where the aliens want to establish their settlements, or completely killing them in genocidal proportions.

Alien Agenda 3: Enslave Humans and other Earthly Animals

The other possibility that aliens would do is to enslave humans and other Earthly animals to work in their settlements here on Earth as well as in their planet. If the aliens would be intelligent enough to come to Earth physically, then it would mean that they also have the capacity to go back to where they came from. In this case, if they decide to settle on Earth, they would possibly enslave humans and other animals to work for them. The other option is that the aliens may simply take some humans and animals forcibly and take them to their planet to enslave them for work, experiments, or as proof of their success in exploration.

Alien Agenda 4: Rob the Earth of Precious Resources

The earth has precious commodities that may interest other intelligent lives out there. If aliens come to the Earth and find an abundance of resources that may be lacking in their planet, they would possibly take the resources by force to their planet. For instance, humans are historically known to go exploring and taking precious commodities by force if some communities resist as was the case during the colonialism. Similarly, intelligent organisms would likely behave like humans and seek rare resources and take them by force.

Alien Agenda 4: Creating Awareness in the Planet of the Existence of Life on Earth

Just like humans continue to explore alien life from the Earth, there is a possibility that intelligent aliens out there are undertaking similar programs. A major possibility is that the aliens, like humans, may not have adequate technology to facilitate their transportation to Earth. Furthermore, there is a possibility that just like humans have protocols for communicating the presence of alien life as indicated by Howell (2018), the aliens also have similar programs to communicate with their populations of the existence of other life in the space. Consequently, aliens may simply share information about the "possibility" of the existence of life on Earth, and leave it at that without coming here.


The actions that aliens would take if they discovered humans and the Earth remain only speculative. However, drawing from actions of humans and their treatment of other people and organisms on Earth, there is a possibility that aliens would act in a similar way. In this case, some of the actions may include co-existing, displacing and killing, or even enslaving humans and other animals. Another possibility is that the aliens would simply detect but lack the technology to travel to Earth.


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