Geography Essay Sample: Belgium. Quebec Province.

Published: 2019-11-18
Geography Essay Sample: Belgium. Quebec Province.
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Belgium's is located in Western Europe. The country's motto is unity makes strength which was derived from Dutch republic

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The culture of Belgium entails both aspect that all Belgians share in spite of the language spoken and the differences that exist between the main cultural communities. The two main communities are Frenchspeakers Walloons and the Dutch-speaking Flemish. Flemings are recognized for their high-spirited celebration of the pre-Lenten carnival season. While Walloons have larger families and their custom is the nuclear family rather than extended.


Belgium literature was unified in the past but it is currently divided between Belgium Francophone literature and Flemish literature. Most of Belgium writer were Flemish yet they wrote in French since the language dominated the language was known by many people. Most of the French author went to Belgium as refugees and that is why it is not easy to differentiate between the two kinds of literature in Belgium (Meijer, 2012).

Personal reflection

One thing that surprises me is the differences that exist between the two cultural groups in Belgium that have been there for more than 1500 years. Am curious on the mixed up of languages in Belgium as the local government allowed each group to speak its own languages but what about those individuals who dont know the French language, do they not find it difficult while interacting with others from different groups. Notably, there is mixed up with more than one language namely Dutch, French, and Germany and how all this have been integrated into French-speaking community surprises me a lot. Focusing on the Belgium literature, I wonder whom the writer was focusing when they were writing literature in French yet there were different groups speaking different languages. Am confused on why the French writers were not able to receive the same fame they had in Belgium when they were in Paris and at the same time, shared traits that were classically perceived as Belgium. I dont understand why the two group; Walloons and Flemish have not been able to interact wholly with each there and yet there is an official language that can facilitate the interaction them which is French.

Canada, Quebec Province

A map showing Quebec province, the second largest province in Canada which predominantly speaks the French language. On the province coat of arms, it bears the motto Je me souviens.

Common values

Quebec is a French speaking province in Canada with the pluralistic and democratic society that is based on the rule of law. The province maintains an environment that provides freedom of speech to everyone, respect for differences and equality among people. Everybody is equal in value and has a right to the equal protection of the law and regardless of your belief, everyone should respect the law.


The political system of Quebec is based on the exercising of three separate powers namely the judicial power, executive, and legislative power. The legislative power is exercised in the national assembly while the executive power is exercised by the premier. Lastly is the judicial power which is exercised in courts the executive power appoints the judges who preside over cases in courts.

Personal reflection

One thing that impressed with is the equality that exists in the society as everyone is equal before the law. The generosity of Quebec people is something that surprises me as they welcome all immigrants from all over the world and provide them with life supporting skills. Am excited by the way individuals are given freedom of expression and making of choices. Everybody can choose their religion and lifestyle freely while respecting the rights of other people. Notably, the society lives peacefully yet it is made up of people from diverse culture and origins from around the world. Something I dont understand is how different communities with different cultures can come together, get assimilated and live peacefully together with each other.

I am impressed with the political structure of Quebec province as the power sharing is so organized. Something am surprised is that the constitution of Canada does not recognize the people of Quebec and yet the French people took part during the constitution arrangements in Canada. Am not happy with the way French speakers are being treated. Even after asserting their political presence through participation in the democratic election, their political influence is suppressed by the absence of responsible government.


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