HR Essay Sample on Project Manager Recruitment

Published: 2019-11-11
HR Essay Sample on Project Manager Recruitment
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Due to certain complexities about the project, it is imperative to recruit a project manager to execute the coordination of the program. Therefore, the job description of the project manager is:

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To achieve operational objectives by contributing recommendations to the coordination plans and reviews, implementing the recommended programs, ensuring there are productivity and determining system improvements (Kerzner, 2013).

He or she meets the financial objectives of the organisation by initiating right actions, analyse variances, forecast requirements and preparing a monthly budget.

He or she coordinates the mobilisation of the community members and ensure that there is good attendance during the programs.

He or she must provide correct resources that are suitable for mobilisation of the community members.

Ensures that food stalls and entertainment are provided to the participants.

He or she ensures that the events are both child and family friendly.

He or she must ensure that the event complies with the legislation such as Work Health and Safety (WHS) laws.

Write reports after every event.

Provide monthly financial reports.

My Role Description as a Manager in the Recruitment Process

As a manager of the firm, I have a responsibility to ensure that the community fair is a success. However, since my company is a small-sized company, I have a greater responsibility in the recruitment process of a project manager who is best suitable for handling the coordination issues for my company (Need, 2006). Therefore, my responsibilities in the hiring process are:

Provide quality specifications for the recruitment process.

Directing the human resource manager in defining the right job description of the project manager.

Ensure that there are the needed resources to facilitate the process

Provide timetables and deadlines for the recruitment process.

Establish standards for the recruitment process

Approve the candidate that has been chosen by the recruiting team.

Set an induction program for the new employee (Kerzner, 2013).

Induction Program

A good induction program addresses a wider range of issues in the organisation when it provides set period to deal with such matters. Therefore, information provided to new staff members should be communicated in a manner that allows easy understanding. That is, the new employees should have good knowledge and understanding about the organisation and how they fit in. Therefore, sessions with various new staff members must be arranged to allow a one-on-one explanation of the employees roles in relation to the organisations business activities. The induction program must cover the following areas:

An introduction to the company and its personnel

The activities/purpose of the other personnel

How the team fits within the employee\s working area.

A layout of the companys physical establishment

Performance Standards

Specific job descriptions

Defined goals, aims and expectations of the organisation.


The organisation may require providing the new project manager:

Details of the employees pension scheme

Copies of procedures and handbooks

Uniforms to be worn during the community fair events and any standard equipment they are required to have when he or she shall be performing his or her duties

Terms and conditions of employment

It is a legal requirement of an employer like my organisation to provide its new employee with a written statement stating the terms and conditions of the employment within the three months working. Hence, during the induction, the new project manager shall be furnished with the details of issues such as:

Working hours

The employees involvement in the companys activities

The employees benefits and remunerations

Performance and development reviews or the appraisal process

Holiday and sickness procedures

Disciplinary and grievance procedures (Need, 2006).

Health and safety

The employee shall be provided with health and safety information that will help him or her in carrying his or her duties. The employee shall be given with a copy health and safety policy document and ensure that it is signed after reading. The employee shall be informed of what to do in the case of a fire incident. Also, the induction program shall cover the drug and alcohol policy. For instance, an employee shall not be allowed to smoke within the business premises (Need, 2006).

Office Systems

Review the use of office equipment like telephone, computers, photocopier and printer

Review the employees computer security or open access

A work plan for the Project Officer

Developing a service delivery model based on the needs of the clients

Objectives Action Plans Expected outcomes Data Evaluation and Measurements Persons responsible

Develop a service delivery model, which is relative to the need assessments of the clients by

(2 nd Dec 2016)

1. Assess current capacity of the company to coordinate a community fair involving more than ten organizations.

Enough capacity and resources enough to facilitate the coordination of larger community fairs involving large populations of up to 2,000 people. Document describing the evaluation process of service delivery to community fair organizers and participants is submitted to the management. is

The C.E.O, Manager and Heard of marketing.

Recruit personnel that can specialize in ensuring the events are family accommodative.

Identify particular focus areas like entertainment and the number of personnel required.

Recruiting staff that have the niche in to fill the identified areas.

Recruiting staff that have the niche in to fill the identified areas.

C.E.O, Manager and H.R

Identify the potential methods and strategies that will satisfy the clients and participants.

B3.1 Identify potential sites that will meet the health care needs of the target population by (DATE).

Using the clients need assessment to identify the best event locations, entertainers and food stuffs at affordable costs.

Locations identified based on accessibility, charged fees and population concentrations.

Number of entertainers, locations identified for the community fairs.


Identifying and Developing 3 Contingency Strategies

There three major risks involved in the project are:

The high costs involved in the planning resources.

Contingency Plan: Allow role sharing to minimize the cost involved. Hire entertainers and equipment on three months long-term basis at lower prices.

The reduction of quality standards due to conflicting needs assessments where

there are many organizations involved (Turner, 2006).

Contingency Plan: Develop a quality management plan to obtain a maximum satisfaction point for all the clients and participants and change customer request. Also, carry out the project evaluation to assess customer satisfaction and process adjustment plans.

Longer time taken in organizing major events.

Contingency Plan: Define work break down structure, sequence the activities periodically, develop a schedule and ensure that it is followed to the letter (Turner, 2006).

Identify and develop 3 contingency strategies to manage the risks that could be associated with implementing this work plan

Managing Stress in a Work Place

After assessing the stress levels of my employees, I have discovered that their health and working morale is extremely low. Therefore, I have taken the following steps to ensure that the excess stress levels do not continue to paralyse the employee performance. They include;

Ensure that the employees job descriptions are very clear to avoid conflicting demands and unrealistic expectations from the employee.

Provide full staff training to enable them carry out the demands of their jobs and contribute to the decision-making processes. I will also put development opportunities in place.

I will put in place proper communication channel involving organisational and procedural changes (Colligan & Higgins, 2006).

Ensure that there are regular team meetings as a channel for the employees to give out their opinions regarding their work and working environment.

I will also identify the cause of employee stress and respond promptly to those issues through constructive solutions.

Instruct my supervisor to pay attention to signs of stress and provide the affected employee with the necessarily needed support.

I will also ensure that harassment and bullying are not tolerated in my organization (Colligan & Higgins, 2006).

Improving Staff Morale

After realizing that my staff are not achieving the desired work performance standards and outcomes, the necessary steps that I am bound to undertake is to carry out a performance management. It is because performance management will allow both me and the staff to identify development needs through the five elements of planning, monitoring, developing, evaluating and rewarding. For instance, during the planning and monitoring stage, I will quickly identify the staff performance deficiencies hence putting in place the necessary actions that can help my staff improve. Hence, I shall clarify to the staff what will be evaluated thus setting stage for feedback. They shall be held accountable for their assignments. Thirdly, I shall monitor every employees daily performance (Autry, 2007). That is, by conducting a brief review with employees about the number of customers they have served as compared to the established daily target. Besides, I will be able to address immediately any performance deficiency.

Fourthly, I will introduce staff training and development opportunities to encourage good performances and strengthen job skills and competencies. Finally, after evaluating staff performance, I will individually reward the best-performing employees thus improving their working morale to the advantage of the organisations goal (Autry, 2007).

How a Manager Contributes To Building and Maintaining Positive Relationships with the Employees

As a manager, maintaining stronger employer to employee relationship is key to the ultimate success of my organisation. However, a healthy employer-employee relationship does require constants nurturing. Though hard work is needed the results are high staff retention rate, increased morale, increased job satisfaction hence less staff absenteeism and better customer service (Autry, 2007). Therefore, as a manager, I will do the following to build and maintaining good relationship with my team:

i) Communicate Openly

Since good communication between my employees and me is critical in developing a positive correlation, as a manager, I shall neither hide important information from my employees nor grant such information to an only a selected group of staff. I shall also keep my workers in the loop regarding the companys projects and help them see the important roles they shall play in those projects. Besides, I shall provide my staff with constant feedback so that they are not frustrated when a project has not been approved, or their assignments have been changed. Hence, I will do this by setting frequent meetings to update them on the progress of the companys progress thus engaging together with them in such issues (Autry, 2007).

ii) Gratitude and Appreciation

I will exercise empathy towards my workers, appreciate their efforts through public or private recognition, gift cards, office parties and any other methods that appeal to my workers.

iii) Following Through

I will also exercise follow-ups to avoid losing credibility with my employees. It is because I owe it to them to make follow ups on my commitments. For instance, I agree to an employee attending a training program; I shall quickly approve the expense re...

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