Al-Qaida Essay Example

Published: 2017-08-29 02:10:44
Al-Qaida Essay Example
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Al-Qaida is the Islamic terrorists organization that has turned out to be one of the dangerous terrorist organizations across the world. The group is known for bombing different countries including the United States in September 11 attacks that left the United States destroyed. This was one of the deadliest attacks and it is this attack that challenged the ability of the United States to handle dangerous attacks by altering its security system. The reason Al-Qaeda is an active terrorist organization is that of the small terror groups that are within the main group, and despite the death of its founder Osama Bin Laden, the organization has remained high, and it is still a threat to the whole society (Brachman, 2006). Al-Qaida has managed to gain confidence and superiority over the years due to the technology advancements; Al-Qaida has managed to acquire new fighting skills, and this is the reason they have remained a threat to the security in different nations.

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How Al-Qaida uses technology in their activities

The technology age has given Al-Qaida the capacity to implement several changes to ensure that they are using technology. The terrorists have been recruiting the individuals who are professionals in technology resulting in the production of complicated techniques in their attacks. The internet also provides a platform where Al`-Qaeda can plan and organize their attacks and making sure they are as effective as intended (Brachman, 2006). The communication technology that is used by Al-Qaida has changed over the years. There is evident that Al-Qaeda takes a lot of time in launching their attacks, and this is the reason why they have managed to attack nations like the United States when they are not aware. In the 29th of December 1992, Al-Qaida had implemented rockets to fight the United States Military, and this is the reason, the militants were evacuated from Aden. In the course of plotting, the terrorists use high technology Cameras to monitor the flow of activities at the hit sites, and they also have developed cyber technology that has made it easy when it comes to attempting the terror sites. To locate the sites to attack, they also have secret surveillance that uses the social sites platforms to identify the weakness and the strength of the nations they wish to attack (Gannon, 2016). These sites also provide them with geographical directions of the places making it easy for them to identify and hit the sites without a problem. They have also managed to maintain some websites where they exploit the supports and manage to get the target by sending an array of messages to hit their enemies. It is the same technology that Al-Qaida used in the September 11th attack, where they had a clear surveillance of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon where they managed to watch the progress of the assault on cameras without any issue. However, the target nations like the United States has managed to remain at the upper hand ensuring that they also implement modern technology to overpower the militants and has also enhanced the security system (Brachman, 2006). The enhancement of the security systems is to ensure that they avoid the cases of hacking by the terrorists who have developed the software that has the capacity to hack the security systems.

The profile of the terrorists

Al-Qaida was started by Osama Bin Laden, Azzam Abdullah and the Muslim fighters who participated in the Soviets after the Afghanistan invasion. The group does not have a defined home, but it only had cells in multiple countries across Europe, and in the Middle East. Additionally, the terrorist group operates as the Muslim Extremist and the Salafist Jihadists that has managed to mount attacks in some countries. Under the leadership of Osama Bin Laden, the group works in Afghanistan between 1996 and 2001, and this administration remained in Afghanistan and Pakistan after the invasion of the United States in 2001. However, by 2006, the presence of Al-Qaida was the subject of consideration with the affiliations in the Middle East and the North Africa. As a result, the United States government, NATO, and the United Nations Security decided to take a legal action against Al-Qaida by launching the war against them. In approaching the terror team, the major plan was to destroy their leaders, and this is the reason the targeted Osama, who was the mastermind, and luckily they managed to kill him (Brachman, 2006).

Part two:

Online identity theft is one of the fastest methods that are used by criminals to accomplish their activities that involve the use of someone`s name, details, and documents to commit crimes. In other words, this is a can also be termed as impersonating where someone tries to use the name and the details that are not his/her. The cases of online theft have been common over the past years due to technology (Velassico, 2016). For instance, in 2013 Ira Trey Quesenberry, who was one of the Sullivan County students impersonated Dr. Yennie, created a Twitter account, and he started writing unpleasant tweets under the fake name. However, it took some time before the police arrested the student charging him with identity theft. Another case was when Sarah Palin the Alaska governor was impersonated, and they create a fake Twitter account that sends out an open invite of Palin family, and it is the trend that is going on affecting iconic individuals like politicians. The impersonators use these prominent people since they can easily obtain their information on the online platform, and the only thing they need is a photo (Velassico, 2016).

Although the respective punishments were taken against these individuals, the authority could have used great methods to ensure that these people prevent further online theft. For instance, they should have imposed extreme punishment to these people so that others may learn. They could have used the victims to get the information on how they committed the crimes and implemented a way to stop this and lastly they could have ensured that Twitter enhances security and people`s details.

The method used in investigating the criminals first involves the analysis of the documents of the offender, before tracing down the impersonator. It includes locating the id address of the individual by following the Twits and any message that he/she has sent. Although the police used the IP address to bring the criminals to law, there are sometimes this tend to fail especially when the individual is using computers from different cybers.


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