Disappointment Free Essay Examples

Published: 2018-02-08
Disappointment Free Essay Examples
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What is a disappointment

Early in the morning, I woke up as usual. I had been running for six months every morning as exercise to keep my body fit. I took to my heels just from my door-step. The birds were chirping so happily in the trees as if they were thanking their creator for a new day they had seen. Only a few people in the estate were awake and I could here them especially in their kitchens dropping utensils here and there. Life was just so perfect and I was wondering how God created all these beings perfectly. I had been running for around twenty five minutes when I saw a group of four energetic men running just behind me. They all wore black track suits and grey caps. My heart felt warm and I knew they were surely after me. I ran faster and faster just after a corner. I felt my heart beating like a drum. The unknown guys increased their speed and so did I. I was in their hot pursuit for around thirty minutes when I felt I could go no more. I was completely exhausted and I decided to give up. I stood and put my hands up as the guys approached. Just when they approached I could see them smiling and I was shocked. They came to me thanking me for making a good pacesetter for them. They said they were in the army and lived in the nearby barracks. They laughed as they explained how they had a good exercise with me. I shouted at them that I almost lost my breath to their silly game but all they could do was laugh. I felt so disappointed that I felt like bombing them all. How could they use me as a training dog? What a disappointment!

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Disappointment examples

Disappointments, just like success stories, are part and parcel in the life of humankind. I have had several disappointments in life. However, the one which affected me greatly happened in 2002 when I received my final high school results. For three years, I was among the best students in class and this raised my expectations of passing with flying colors. The results were released and to my surprise, though I had passed, I was behind the government cut off line by one point. I was pressed between a rock and a hard ground as I was left to choose either to repeat the fourth year or to join the university as a self-sponsored student. Judging from our family’s economic status, the self-sponsorship seemed a hard nut to crack. I also did not want to go back to high school. This situation affected me greatly as I always felt as if I was a loser. However, I decided to acquire a job as a restaurant cashier and through this, I managed to enroll myself in the university and helped my parents pay my school fees. Though I overcame and today I am a proud graduate of finance, the situation still lingers in my mind, and I still consider it the worst disappointment I ever had.

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