Employee Motivation - Free Essay in Human Resources Management

Published: 2018-09-18
Employee Motivation - Free Essay in Human Resources Management
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On the Job: Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning: Motivating Employees

In the video, Boyle discusses creating a work environment, which motivates employees in performing. Various groups are engaged in Lead Performance Enhancement Program comprising of athletes of diverse abilities and ages. According to Boyle, the key objective of the training sessions is to assist other members of staff in maintaining the warm-up areas, the weight room as well as other common areas. Cam Neely, the Vice President of Boston Bruins explains why he was motivated to join the gym. According to him, he was able to learn new techniques of workout activities making him be a better player. Also, Zak Deossie he has trained with recent college graduates and interns in the facility and they appreciate the sessions since they are able to stay physically and mentally fit. Moreover, they are able to identify their weaknesses and improve their performance in the place of work. Bob Maccurtain, the head coach of girls' hockey in Woburn high school has been able to identify the role of training in class performance and facilitate teamwork. Also, other trainers in Boyles gym are satisfied with their job because they are able to witness how their trainees improve in terms of physical and mental health ("Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning," 2009).

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Question One

The benefits of exercise in the workplace are immense. Numerous studies have shown the advantages of undertaking physical training sessions in facilities such as gyms, and other outdoor actions. Most of them have found that employees who do not engage in physical activities are not able to handle their workload while those involved in exercises are active in jobs (Volosnikova, 2011). Based on the video, trainers in Boyle's gym stated that the employees who frequently use the gym have reported increased commitment and decreased levels of absenteeism. Also, they are able to resist illnesses which are frequent during different seasons. This is can be associated with the comments from the hockey head coach who found that his girls are not only able to improve their performance in the field but also in the class. Most of the companies have found that the presence fitness centers are beneficial because of their ability to lower the cases of absenteeism, employee turnover as well as increase morale and productivity.

Question Two

According to a series of research studies conducted by Fredrick Herzberg, the factors affecting job dissatisfaction and satisfaction are not related. This implies that creating a positive work environment and fixing problems cannot translate into satisfied employees; it means that these workers are no longer satisfied with their jobs (Biore, 2015). Job satisfaction depends on fulfilling experience and specifically job enrichment (Griffin & Moorhead, 2007). Managers, who are able to deepen their employees' knowledge through education programs as well as benefits facilitating recognition and achievement, get workers that are more productive. This is complemented by activities, which increase the physical fitness of the employees since decreased rate of absenteeism results to more experience. Bob Hanson's comment that education plays a critical role in satisfaction and enrichment is in line with many studies because the employees are able to improve their skills as well as improve their stands in the organization.

Question Three

When Maslow established the pyramid on the hierarchy of needs in 1943, he wanted to understand to comprehend what motivates individuals. He had a belief that people possess a motivation system, which is not related to unconscious desires or rewards. In the fourth level, there is the esteem needs comprising of a feeling of accomplishment and prestige (McLeod, 2007). Based on the video, two trainers seem to be satisfied with their job. This feeling is reflected from their active participation in helping the trainees during the workout sessions. However, it is not related to their compensation because their wages are not revealed but their accomplishments. From the video, positive comments are made by the trainees about the effects of the sessions in their professions. These remarks and trainee involvement in the gym motivates the trainers in helping them because they have a feeling that they have accomplished their objectives in the gym.

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