Essay Sample on Agency, Practice, and Regimes of Power

Published: 2023-08-30
Essay Sample on Agency, Practice, and Regimes of Power
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According to McGee (2003), the agency is the range of states that are emotionally and cognitively at different levels of consciousness directed to some end. Thus, it includes conscious plans, plots, and even schemes that lead to needs, wants, and even desires ranging from being deeply buried to being felt consciously. However, a regime of power is how the set ideas, practices, discipline, and training are put into action. In this context, biopower is being able to put the power owned over the bodies (McGee, 2003). In other words, it is an eruption of various techniques for attaining the conquest of agencies and even the control of populations. This paper will discuss how the Biopower regime in the United States has been defining, funding, organizing, and surveilling to cope with the coronavirus pandemic.

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Due to the Covid 19 pandemic which has affected the whole world at the moment, the modern western medicine set off a regime of biopower to deal with it. The biopower is not only interested in the body of the population, including a nation, but also by people's effectiveness and health in general. The biopower that was elected by modern medicine is mostly interested in the pandemic corona by improving the quality of life and the whole population at large (McGee, 2003). Thus, the modern authorities are at its initial stages to strengthen the wellbeing of the population.

In the united states, the bio powers, in collaboration with the government, have been funding the World Health Organization (WHO) to get the lead of the corona pandemic (Foucault, 1999). They have a plan of providing a globe with a sense of relief for the developing countries and even a strong signal for the financial markets. Some of the big powers like the International Monetary Fund made almost Fifty billion dollars for emergencies in the less developed countries to fight the pandemic. The biopower is further surveilling about the corona pandemic, for instance, the centers of disease control and prevention have been giving daily data updates on the disease. In the united states, a survey has been carried out lately by the Center of disease control, showing the numbers are likely to go higher since there has been an inconsistency in a gathering of data and even lack of information during this outbreak.

To cope with the pandemic in the united states, the bio powers have instructed some intimate interplay of powers in society's norm, like a limitation of personal movements and curfews. The pandemic has forced orders on states that restricted people's freedom like they only leave the houses when going to the workshop for essential goods, or the physical exercise (McGee, 2003). Thus, this has made a lot of United States people to start coping and defining the necessary forms of recreation in their way as long as the social distancing is maintained. That interpretation and adaptation mainly are understandable to the city dwellers who mostly may even lack the balcony to sun themselves. The situation in the united states brings the importance of negotiations on the basic: inherent freedom is determined concerning the officially legitimate basis for self-government decisions.

To sum it up, biopower is not always used precisely, but also it is the rationality of cultivating the life of the population. The biopower regime, as defined by Foucault, has defined, funded, and even surveyed the pandemic to cope with it.


Foucault, M. (1999). The incitement to discourse. The discourse reader, 2.

McGee, R. J. (2003). Anthropological theory: An introductory history.

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