Essay Example: Screening Recommendations for Heart Conditions

Published: 2022-03-01
Essay Example: Screening Recommendations for Heart Conditions
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Introduction: Summary of the Choices made

The diseases of the heart are usually similar in the way they manifest, that is why it is important that screening is done for any suspected heart problem. A heart attack may be considered by many people as a normal condition that old people suffer from. However, considering screening to identify signs of the same before old age creeps in is important. Another screening that became important as a choice is the screening for heart cancer (Rosamond,, 2008). Cancer is a disease that can attack almost any organ in the body, including the blood. The human heart is at risk if the attack on the heart as an organ occur. Again, cancer attacking the blood may lead to a lot of heart diseases that can eventually lead to heart failure. Screening for heart cancer should not only be done when one becomes seriously sick (Haskell,, 2007). Occasional screening is important in keeping the body in check in case any disease attacks. Screening for inherited heart diseases. Most of the medical conditions that run within a family are genetically caused by changes in genes that are passed on from one generation to another or inherited (US Preventive Services Task Force, 2008). A lot of heart diseases may be inherited. Some of these conditions like the coronary artery disease may occur to be running in the families which probably do result from several genetic changes which finally lead to cause a disease or condition that may finally lead to the sudden death of an individual.

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In this case, it is quite applicable that the man may have had a similar problem as that of his mother, since he may have inherited the condition from the mother. Inherited conditions may be easily transferred to other family members since they share the same genes (Rosamond,, 2008). Through the death of the mother from MI condition, it may also be the reason as to why the man is suffering from heart disease since chances are that he may have inherited the condition from the mother.

The Two Chosen Screenings

The two main topics that came up were alcohol screening and screening for hereditary heart conditions. A lot of research has been carried out to address the increasing cases of cancer and every time that one goes for theory or screening, they are asked if any if their relatives ever suffered from or died from cancer, the question of the possibility of contracting cancer the use of certain drugs such as alcohol is not in doubt, as matter of fact, other issues that came up in the discussions included the research indications that people who drink a lot of alcohol and do not engage in body exercise risk developing a series of heart problems (Rosamond,, 2008). CDC is one of the bodies that have done a lot of research in understanding the riskiest and most spread causes of heart problems. Hereditary causes and use of alcohol usually topped the agenda of the meetings as the most lethal reasons people develop heart problems. Include chemotherapy and the use of drugs that reduce pain (US Preventive Services Task Force, 2008). However, other people would rather take the painkillers at home and fail to get proper treatments that they may either term as expensive or that they just do not believe in them. One regrettable issue about cancer condition is that one can inherit it and become a cancer victim. Some of the people who realized they had cancer early in their lives become serious about attending the medical requirements so that they become comfortable, even feel like they are leading a normal life like the other people with not any problem with their hearts.

Clinical and Professional Recommendations

In terms of clinical and professional recommendations, the groups agreed on various important issues that prevent deaths from cancer. The age of a person, mainly determines whether the risk of having a heart attack or other diseases is possible. people who are above the age of 40 are advised to take heavy steps in monitoring and ensuring that the health is in a good condition and that they reduce the risks of contracting coronary heart diseases. Some of the ways in which one can monitor their health so that they do not end up having any heart diseases include:

Keeping a regular check on the level of cholesterol in the body- when the level of cholesterol in the body is higher than 40mg/dl, then the person might be suffering from diseases that are constituted by cholesterol such as heart diseases.

Establishing a medical home-, this helps in keeping the records of the body by having primary physicians that whose job is to take care of the patient at any time. A regular check-up is very important especially to a patient who is suffering from cancer. Again, having a primary physician that attends to the patients at any time is very important since he or she can be able to detect whether the patient should undergo some required tests or not. the check-ups

Avoid smoking- people who are smoking even past fifty years risks their life since they might die before time. In fact, according to the report, those quit smoking before they turned forty stands a chance of redeeming their health and stay another fifteen years that the opposite patient cannot.

Maintain a healthy weight- maintaining a healthy weight involves a lot of sacrifices since the person has to choose on the food he or she consumes. Maintain body weight requires that that person to choose on what kind of food tone consumed

Avoid excess alcohol- People who are suffering from any heart diseases are being advised to stop consuming excess alcohol cells (US Preventive Services Task Force, 2008). Women are advised to take only one bottle while men are to take only two bottles of alcohol. Other ways that one can use to monitor his or her health is through exercising for at least twenty minutes a day and checking on the plasma glucose at least for five years.


Two sites, that is and are known to provide screening recommendations for heart conditions. One similarity that can be criticized by all of them is that they both recommend chemotherapy without caring about the feelings of the people to be exposed to such things in the cases of cancer of the heart. The choices made by the nurses regarding the possible screening for the fifty-eight years old man included heart cancer screening, screening for inherited heart disease, Alcohol screening and screening for heart attack. The choices were based on individual assessment of the situation of the sick old man. Most of the choices were shared among the nurses and the four main ones gained a lot of relevance to the situation at hand. The choice to include heart attack screening is the growing trend, where old people suffer a heart attack and stroke.


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