The Controversial Issue of Plastic Surgery, Essay Sample

Published: 2022-02-23
The Controversial Issue of Plastic Surgery, Essay Sample
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The controversy is a state that exists due to a lack of confidence and truth about some issues by the disputants. It is a state of continuous disputes and debating about various issues due to differences in public opinion or varying points of views about these issues. The controversial state arises upon individuals due to lack of information. The arguments and myths that may result in causes a puzzling phenomenon between the individuals or groups as they try to arrive at different conclusions with relation to the knowledge of the facts they know. For instance, plastic surgery which has rapidly developed in the current era has been a big controversial issue in our modern life. Plastic surgery which can be described as a surgical process aimed at reconstruction, restoration or alteration of the human body or parts of the human body is divided into two categories. The categories include reconstructive surgery which involves burn treatments, craniofacial and hand surgeries aiming at body parts reconstruction process or improving the functioning of the body parts, and the second category known as cosmetic or aesthetic surgery whose function is to improve the appearance. As discussed below, plastic surgery has been a controversial matter carrying huge myths and beliefs as well as the real truths about it.

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The world is full of information about plastic surgery while the information results from people's opinions and believes from the internet. In the first case, many people believe that plastic surgery is for women only. This is a belief that is associated with women always trying to seek for beauty, for example using makeups. Therefore, the myth is that plastic surgery is usually for women or female to look more beautiful. This belief is associated with plastic surgery involves specific age probably of 18 to 45 years. People carry the opinion that older women of above 40 years undergo plastic surgery to look younger and regain their youthful beauty.

The second belief about plastic surgery is that people have the opinion that it is not a surgery since it does not involve implantation of body parts or removal of body parts such as kidneys (Botero, Wenninger, & Loaiza 2017). People usually have the opinion that cosmetic surgery is elective and does not involve transplanting processes of parts of the body like the heart. Furthermore, under this believe people carry the opinion that plastic surgery is not risky as it does not involve interference of major important body organs but mostly the skin.

Another belief associated with plastic surgery is that people have the opinion that they will feel better and happy after undergoing cosmetic surgery. For example, women usually believe that they will look more beautiful and younger and that they will attract men with fake breasts or pretty skin. People believe that they will be more happy and cheerful after cosmetic surgery with a thought that these body reconstructions and alterations will make their lives better. People also have had a misconception that plastic surgery takes a long period and painful process of recovery (Botero, Wenninger, & Loaiza 2017). People believe that since it is a surgical process that involves anesthesia procedures and surgical operations, then it will take a long period to recover and the recovery process will be painful. Others usually have an opinion that you can tell that a person has undergone plastic surgery.

However, the above beliefs are subjected to a controversial state by some proved information about plastic surgery by various experts since it has become extremely common in our modern living standard. For instance, plastic surgery is for both men and women. Although the majority are women, statistics have shown a rapid increase of men undergoing surgery in the last decade to an approximation of 15% (Olie & Courtet 2016). For example, men are seeking non-surgical procedures like neurotoxin to improve their appearance and surgical processes like gynecomastia.

Plastic surgery has been proved to be a real surgery process that is risky. People's opinion that it is not risky as it involves cutting and sewing is a controversial matter since cosmetic surgery involves anesthesia, and therefore complications may occur in the process resulting to death, especially in cases where patients have adverse reactions to anesthetic. There might be tumors on recovery process especially women breasts that may be dangerous and may result in restriction of breastfeeding. In real situations, people usually feel depressed and are never happy after plastic surgery. This is because they still have a feeling that they are carrying `fake things` on them. Many individuals tend to feel dissatisfied with the final results of plastic surgery. Furthermore, cosmetic surgery improves one's image but not general confidence and feeling about oneself. This results in psychological depression and insecurity.

The argumentative issue about the recovery period is another controversial issue. For the current era, there has been development in plastic surgery field that has led to short recovery periods of approximately two to four weeks then individuals can proceed with their normal activities, however the scars and bruises still visible (Patti 2016). Nonetheless, it takes about six months to attain the final results of the surgery. More to this, it is difficult to tell if an individual has gone through plastic surgery by the look after the final results, as many people believe since the surgeons are experts and try their best to attain a natural state of the body image.


In conclusion, it is evident that there has been a great rise in plastic surgery in modern lives today as people seek to attain a better appearance. Several believe, and opinions have existed over this widespread action, especially from the internet. The widespread of the plastic surgery is what has made it to a controversial trending issue carrying with it several ideas and concepts that are true while others are false opinions by people.


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